After The Fire

Of my most recent photo work, I thought I’d share this photo.

After The Fire

After The Fire

I took this photo about 3 weeks ago for a study of the words “The End”. I’ll share some more of these photos soon, as I really enjoyed looking for “The End.”

I stopped in front of this building, which I have passed abut 50 times in the last year or so. It was burned out by a fire a year before that, probably, but remains untouched and with a chain link fence around it. I was going to get out of my truck and shoot a few pictures but found I didn’t need to and just shot from the front seat.
I started to the left, out of the picture, and shot a few pictures of the burned out windows…then turned, and saw this pigeon sitting on the corner edge of the rooftop. It couldn’t have arrived at a better time to scan its landscape for a bite to eat. The original picture was dramatic enough, with the rotting soffit, dilapidated brickwork, and moldy scroll work-cornices. But when I re-worked it into AFTER THE FIRE, I was overcome by the intensity of the background, which makes the building appear as if it is still on fire and billowing smoke. That “smoke” is the blue sky defined by the clouds in the background, actually.

Here is the original:

Keeping Watch on the Departed

Keeping Watch on the Departed

As always, enjoy!

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