Water Cube Photos (and others)

Browsing through photographic blogs a couple of days ago, I came across some very interesting ones that I thought I’d pass along:

Tim Shisler is a “writer, photographer, outdoor guide and entrepreneur,” who has links for photographic sites with tips, reviews, forums, and lots of very interesting blogs that are simply great photographic links. One that found through him (and he has a plethora of them) is the NBC Water Cube, which are photographs taken underwater during each of the events at the Olympics. Amazing photos!

Another photographer I came across recently is Derek Shanks (and can also be seen here) ….beautiful black and white photography. I particularly like his Waiting for The Sea. I grew up on the east coast and spent a good deal of time along the Maine coast so I can appreciate this photo quite a lot….but the sheer fact of where the boat IS is the interesting part, aside from the beauty of the photo.

If you aren’t familiar with it (and I wasn’t until I saw this great video of National Geographic’s Photo Editor David Griffin), National Geographic has asked ANYONE to submit their photographs to YOUR SHOT and the best are picked by photo editor Susan Welchman and shown at The Daily Dozen. Click the Submit Your Photo under the YOUR SHOT tab and you’re in!

That’s it for now!

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