Stepping Into the Infinite

The Beginning of the Universe

The Beginning of the Universe

My birthday was yesterday. I celebrated the 30th anniversary of one of my earlier ones. A friend was over and I showed her my “electric” stuff, which she hadn’t seen. So I started to show her the process from start to finish. She interrupted me and suggested I use this other sliding bar that I have never used….doesn’t matter which one. We played for a few minutes. I took her here:

Prickley Universe

Prickly Universe

Then she took me there:

Prickly Universe 2

Prickly Universe 2

I asked her if she wanted to be responsible for my never leaving my house again so I can pinpoint who and why I’ll be on my computer the rest of my born days.

What with what she showed me and what I have to learn, also, about HDR (see an excellent source of that here), I’ll never get out of the house. Oh, I may go outside, but I won’t leave the yard long enough so I can come back in to alter my photos some more.



Nah……………………..Dream on!

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