Recent Electrifications, including a few degrees of separation, and some HDR



Been a bit idle here for a few days….well, since I put the piece up for Angel. She was sick for a few days and didn’t see it right away….that’s OK. The blog cheered her up quite a lot and put a bit of sunshine back in the apartment where she lives.
Anyway, I’ve been doing some other stuff…mostly research on neuro-liguistic programming and neuro-acoustic sound therapy. I’ve been using the sound therapies of Dr. Jeffrey Thompson for about 6 or 7 months and found them to be VERY beneficial; I highly recommend anyone to use his works, which are available at your local library (or can be ordered through it).

I can only do so much research before my eyes just burn out, though, and I need to take a break. I get up, maybe put some eye drops in my dry scratchy eyes and go out to the garden and get some air. To relax, I play with a photo. The stuff I do with my photography is, of course, work…and laborious, too. It’s a labor of love and anyone who works on their photography like I do enjoys what they are doing so it isn’t “work,” or “labor.” It’s love, pure and simple.



Take the work I discovered recently of Matt George. Matt is a photojournalist who obviously loves his work. Look around his site and see the vast range of subjects he uses and the depth to which he goes to study his subject. Then, when he processes his work, the end result is absolutely staggering. I wrote him and compared his work to Louis Trociolla, since it appeared as if uses HDR, which I recently “discovered.” I fairly certain I’ve mentioned Louis here before; his work explains itself as soon as you see it. So, Matt’s work reminded me of Louis’ work; Matt comes back and tells me he doesn’t use HDR but others have said the same thing about his work. Coulda fooled me! O, yeah, he did.

Matt left a comment on my blog about Angel within moments of it being posted. When I was wandering around his site looking at his terrific work, I read a comment by a fellow blogger, JT, who is not only a good writer but a good photographer. I like finding good photographers, whether they are as complex as Matt and Louis or as quirky as some of the stuff JT does. I’m not sure quirky is the right word….but what I like about her site is that she is a hell of a lot of fun to read! And probably as much fun to read as Anna, who takes terrific macro shots of bugs (since she is a graduate student in entomology at U of AZ).

Sometime on Saturday, when I hit an unproductive spot in my day, I started playing with a photo I took last Thursday at DBG, where, you may have read, I work shooting all the plants for a curator in order to document everything he is growing for DBG.
For this photo, I started out using the color curves, which a friend got me onto last week, then ran the result through the HDR program I am using, continued by running it through the electrification process, and then created this, which is a combination of the HDR piece with the electrified piece super-imposed on top of it:

Resurgence - Departure

Resurgence - Departure

Back to the “real work” with research on more mundane things after “working” on my photography for a while produced far less results in the research department. Why? Well, of course: I was feeling better doing my photography! Back out into the garden I went to find drinkers getting drunk: more often than not the bees are drinking on something. Right now, they’re feasting on the Cleome.

Cleome with Late Afternoon Visitor

Cleome with Late Afternoon Visitor

Another name for Cleome is Spider Flower…but I had to look that up because I’ve only known it as Cleome and I’m not that good with common names (unless that’s all I’ve known a plant by). It’s a gorgeous plant that pushes up out of the berm in the back about the end of July and then, all of a sudden, it has this growth spurt and shoots up and explodes with blossoms at the end of August. I expect it will last another couple of weeks, at the most. It has pods that drop from the bottom of the bloom, then fall to the ground, and the seeds nestle in over the winter for next year’s bumper crop of gorgeousness.

Late last night, overloaded from too much research, I finished up the weekend by going into some folders and throwing out a bunch of original shots that I haven’t touched in months. If I haven’t touched them in months, why bother keeping them and taking up space on the hard drive? I also threw out several that I simply don’t like (or better yet, are from a time in my last several months that I’d just as soon let slip of into the ethers where they belong).
In this cleansing, I came across one that I almost threw out, thinking it couldn’t have been more mundane. I mean after all, who wants to look at a batch of discarded flowers? ‘Ah….let’s see what happens when I electrify,’ I thought. ‘Oooooo. Nice.’ I couldn’t very well electrify these abandoned gems without seeing what the HDR may do to them, as well.

Living on the Edge of the Infinite

Living on the Edge of the Infinite

Maybe I should re-look at the “junk” in the trash bin.

Nah. I have too much to do as it is!

Feeling a bit charged after I reclaimed the trashed flowers in the above, I electrified a hollyhock. ‘Nuff said about this one….

Opposing - Beginning

Opposing - Beginning

And that’s it for today’s lesson!

* O, yea, btw, Penstemons (at the top) is strictly an HDR photo without electrification. I have a lllllong way to go before I master this program but I still like this piece a lot!

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3 Responses to “Recent Electrifications, including a few degrees of separation, and some HDR”

  1. Wow, talk about some serious write up here. Thanks for the shout out to my site as well. 🙂

  2. hey sam,
    I finallly figured out the link thing w the blogroll and now your on mine.
    Like you said it’s all a LABOR of Love isn’t it? I’ve been up since 3 am cause I have so much to do, scanning, entering, blogging……. etc
    Abundance and peace,

  3. Sam,
    The “Resurgence – Departure” image is excellent. The process you used is really “electric” and “Penstemons” is just top shelf.
    The full size displays, which is what separates mundane images from quality images, of both of those images is work you should be proud of.
    Keep it up..
    Best regards,

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