You know, sometimes I can just be……………………….out there


In the last blog (Plugging a hole…), I pointed out that I had forgotten Anna in the previous blog to that (Recent Electrifications…).
One would think that after I had spent so much time writing the previous one (I tend to edit A LOT), that I would have remembered that i actually did remember to include in her the list of wordpressers I’m impressed with because of their photography (and prose).
Well, writing the second one just plugged her a bit more, I guess.

Darkness Falls - Timnath

Darkness Falls - Timnath

Anyway, I spent the weekend with some folks I hadn’t seen in a couple of years. Paul and I went to college together back in……well, back there somewhere…..and he, his wife, Barb, and son, Rob, came out for the weekend from the Bay Area. We drove up through Longmont and saw another old college friend, continued on to Timnath, where they knew a terrific lady from back in the day, then back to Ft. Collins, where we spent the evening with another pair of college friends. Old home weekend.

In Timnath, which is a tiny spit of a town (Pop. 238 in the 2003 census, I believe), it was Founders Day with tents set up on Main Street, selling all sorts of homemade nick-nacks. Main Street in Timnath is all of about 2 blocks long, which would be expected for a population as massive as theirs is. Consequently, the choice of handmade goods was pretty slim…interesting but slim. The town itself is not short on character, though, with buildings that have stood the test of time and are still going strong…well, most of them anyway.

At the Back, Beyond Main Street

At the Back, Beyond Main Street

Chicken Coop - Timnath

Chicken Coop - Timnath

Ann, who lives on the north end of Main Street, has a garden in the backyard…with vegies and this big batch of multi-colored sunflowers. I bought this blend earlier this year but I think the cat from next door dug them up because I planted them, apparently, right where it loves to…..well, I’ll let that go. Anyway, my crop turned out to be an errant stand of 1 giant guy that eventually got blown over in a hellacious wind storm a couple of weeks ago.

Coming and Going

Coming and Going

It certainly paid off to meet Ann, who is as free a spirit as they come! She reminded me of “the way we were” back in the day and Timnath seems the perfect place for her. She’s the kind of person you WANT to have living next door to you…friendly, outgoing, concerned, helpful…and she drives a funky car, too! (Sorry, I didn’t take a picture of the car…to protect the innocent, you know.) Anyway, I hope I see more of her, she’s a great person to have around….and it just goes to show: Paul and Barb know how to pick ’em!

I spent about half an hour in her sunflowers, though. I could have spent the rest of the afternoon there but there WERE other people to consider, you know.

I zeroed in on this one fading sunflower and sometimes, I can just be a bit………..yea……out there. I can focus on one bit of a plant and not another or, to put it more clearly, I see what I want to see and forget the rest! Such was the case of this sunflower, where I was more concerned with the wilting petals, especially the way their veins seemed to jump out at me. Well, they jumped out at me just fine but it wasn’t until I got back home and processed the photos that I saw this guy sitting on the greenery. Had I actually taken notice of it, I would have done a more formal portrait of him…or her.

Visitor in the Afternoon

Visitor in the Afternoon

Lord only knows how I missed it.

But, having missed it the first time, I certainly didn’t miss it the second time (at the computer), not that finding it 18 hours later did me any good. Still, I’m hoping Anna (not to be confused with Ann) can give me an assessment of the critter. At first, I thought it may be a spider…but probably not with those markings.

Playing with not only the photo but the bug itself netted me a rather curious version of the photograph though. In my vigil to teach myself HDR the hard way (yea, I could take a class or buy a book but, more than likely, I wouldn’t get the book read and I wouldn’t pay enough attention in class), I continue to plod along making bizarre creations.

When the Protector of the Weak Rests

When the Protector of the Weak Rests

And so it went……………..

I shot about 30 or 40 photos. When I processed them the next day, I threw out about half of them, as I always do. No reason to save the ones I’m not ever going to touch. I used to do that. In fact, I’ve got disc-fulls of images I’ll probably never look at again; I’ve got 3 CDs alone of this woman I was infatuated with a few years ago…some good shots on them but a hell of a lot that are simply trash. Maybe that’s why I kept them…so they could all be on the disc together with her. (Oh, Sam,* that’s just rude! There’s two sides to every story, you know! Yea, I sure do know that one!)

Parting shot:

Timnath Hotel - Dying Cottonwoods

Timnath Hotel - Dying Cottonwood

Midday Sunset

Midday Sunset

* shameless self-promotion

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  1. I love “Darkness falls – Timnath” because it’s so expressive. Probably needless to say that I also like the rest, but that one stands out.

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