Always Magical and Mystical for Me

Autumn VisitorAutumn Visitor

While writing the last post, I let my dog, Monroe, out through this glassed-in area adjacent to the living room. This area is a poorly-constructed “greenhouse” made by the previous owner. I leave the outer door open because it makes no difference whether it is open or closed, in relation to heat.
When I let Monroe out, I heard this fluttering and looked up to see the shadow of what I thought may be a Hummingbird Moth, considering how much noise it was making, stuck between the wispy curtain and the glass…but Hummingbird Moths wouldn’t be around this time of year since they have a specific purpose that is way before this. So, I pulled back the curtain and found this trying its utmost to get through the glass.

I put my hand up to direct towards the more open area of glass, which I was able to do, and with a bit of determination, tried to direct it further toward the door out. Instead, it landed on my hand for a moment, looked at me, then lit out for the glass…and then behind the curtain again. Not to be put off easily, I made another attempt to move it back toward the open glass and door again. Although I was able to direct it, I also managed to delay it somehow and it plummeted rather abruptly. Climbing back onto my hand, it took a rest there. And remained there for the duration of the rest of this occurrence.

Visitor 2

As always, I had my more portable camera in my pocket, so I started taking close-ups of it. It didn’t seem to mind one bit and actually seemed to pose for me, walking around on my hand.
In the photo above, you can see that it has 2 white furry things sticking out in front of it. I don’t know what these are called….nor do I know whether this is a moth or butterfly. Buzzybeegirl will know….and when I find out, I’ll post what she says here as an update to the post. In any case, it made a great deal of effort to work on both of these white furry things…then the one on the left began to hang down, more and more, as can be seen in this photo…

Visitor 3

I watched as it worked quite laboriously at trying to fix it…or whatever it was doing. I continued to shoot photos of it. It took a break, it appeared, because it stopped doing the medical part of fixing itself.
All the while, I was talking to it, wondering what to do. I tried to set him on a spider plant…it didn’t want anything to do with it and climbed further back on my hand. I cautioned it that it was cold outside and that it was warmer in the glassed area…however, the outside was where he was intended to be, no matter the temperature, and in the glassed area, he would just struggle to be free.
Yes, I know it sounds absurd, to some, that I would have this conversation with a butterfly. To others, I know you understand me, especially if you understand the symbolism of the butterfly. And whenever a butterfly comes into my life in a way such as this, there is a reason for it.

Visitor 4

The butterfly represents the ever-changing concept of self-transformation. Each stage of the butterfly’s life has significance and has a correlation to one’s own self-transformation, as well. I realized, of course, that he remained with me, crawling on my hand and not flying away, for a reason. I just had to figure out what that reason was.

Visitor 5

After a bit, I was just silent with it, taking in its power, its self-reliance, and its trust in me. I watched as it continued to, occasionally, brush at the injured (it appeared) white fuzzy feeler. I studied its colors and form, the way its eyes looked back at me, and, of course, I couldn’t imagine how he saw me, other than the fact that I was no threat to it, otherwise it would have flown away long before now.

Visitor 6

It was just astounding to me to spend all of this time with such a beautiful creature but, moreover, that it never made any attemot at taking flight.
Finally, very carefully, I eased my pinky fingernail in to it, and gently eased the damaged feeler. It didn’t flinch, it didn’t fly away, it simply sat there and allowed me to do whatever it was I (was) meant to do. It didn’t come off  but it was a bit more free than it was. The butterfly did its part to work on it. Then I did again; this time it came off and fell to the floor.
For about 10 minutes, it simply sat (stood?) on my hand. It worked its wings, now and then, but barely moved at all. At one point, it didn’t move for a couple of minutes and I feared the worst for it. Finally, it flapped its wings, weakly, and remained still again. I think it was just resting, especially after the “surgery” that had taken place: it had expended so much energy on concentrating on the one thing…trying to do something with the damaged feeler…that it was exhausted. For a moment, that was a difficult concept to “wrap my head around,” considering how much time a butterfly spends in flight. Under the circumstances, though, it became reasonable to assume it was concentrating on finding the strength to go where it was destined to go.
When it seemed to flap its wings with a bit more energy, without actually flying, I stepped outside with it again, and just stood in the gardens. I looked at it again, turning it so we were looking at each other, and it lifted itself up, and flew away…first into the gardens, then up over the top of the house and away.

Visitor 7

When I went back into the house, I looked at the clock. From the time it first landed on me to the point where it had finally flown away on its own again, about 40 minutes had passed.
That, my friend, is a blessing in disguise. True magic to spend that kind of time with a beautiful creature that spends the bulk of its life in the air, occasionally stopping to take a drink from a flower.


Friend and Guide

Friend and Guide

UPDATE FROM ANNA (buzzybeegirl): “The butterfly you are holding is commonly called the painted lady butterfly and it’s species name is Vanessa cardui. The white fuzzy things are called palpi; they are somewhat like our lips, very sensitive to touch and they protect the butterfly’s long tongue. Jumping spiders have similar fuzzy feet as well. I hope this helps =-) “

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5 Responses to “Always Magical and Mystical for Me”

  1. Staffan H Says:

    Nice story and nice photos. I bought a macro lens last week so I’m now trying to explore that field of photography from time to time. Life is full of mysteries, magic and wonderful things – all you need is the eyes to see it and the mind to understand it. You definitely seem to have all these qualities and that’s something to be happy and grateful for.

    All my best,

  2. Great storie you were very lucky to get these photos all mine fly away to quick

  3. Wonderful bunch of magic at work there Sam. You’re lucky guy.

  4. That is indeed a beautiful story, Sam. I have my own story about a particular “Blue Butterfly”, whom I hold very dear and very near to my heart!(Wink*)

    I too understand the symbolism and magic behind these beautiful creatures. We’ll talk soon.

  5. […] I expect I could go on looking through my files, finding this photo or that which I really think represents my photography….there really are many more.  (And I know you wanted more butterfly pictures but I don’t have many….they didn’t make such an important stamp in my life until last year, when I posted that blog in October.) […]

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