Galen and Friends Pt 2



It’s been another stretch since I posted a blog. My new job has kept me from shooting more than I wanted and until I get settled into it, I expect it will be like that.
However, a few days ago, I got a day off and made a much-anticipated trip back to Timnath to see Ann and Galen and the horses at Lynchland Stables.

It was a very abbreviated visit than last time; recently my truck had a new engine put into it and the round trip was slowed-down by taking it easy….my lack of planning for this added to the shortness of my stay with the horses. That doesn’t mean, however, that I didn’t get some good shots. In fact, I rather like what I did get.



This visit began with lunch with Ann at the Taj Mahal, in Old Town Ft. Collins, where they have a pretty good Indian Buffet for lunch. It’s easy to fill up at this place and, frankly, I probably could have had another plateful but didn’t. Instead, we headed out to the stables to see the horses.
Ann gave me a quick primer on how to greet a horse by blowing gently into their nose so they can get a feel for who you are. Offering your hand under their chin so they can taste you comes next and some gentle rubbing there….they love to have their lips played with so I got right into it. While I stayed and worked my wiles on Paint, as I call him (for lack of knowing his real name), Ann went to get Galen from his corral on the other side of the stables.

Listening with Your Eyes

Listening with Your Eyes

Paint was a bit offish, at first, but eased into me pretty quickly once I started rubbing his chin and throat very gently…and with a great deal of very soothing motions. In literally moments, he was so relaxed that his eyes closed slowly and he looked like he could simply doze off right there:

Afternoon Nap

Afternoon Nap.

Once Ann had retrieved Galen, I went over to the small corral they entered. She showed me how she gives him certain commands in order to give him exercise but also to show me their affinity to one another. I was quite interested to see how well he responded to her, which shouldn’t have been too surprising since they have been together for so long. Think: training your pet pup to answer to commands; it is the same thing! (hehe)
One of the things she explained is how horses believe they are a part of a herd, with one horse being the lead and others part of the group behind; when you add yourself as the leader, a horse follows behind you, including you in that herd. When she had me walk beisde her, I became part of that herd. When I walked with Galen without Ann, he immediately acdepted me as the leader of his herd. Very cool!
Ann mentioned that taking photos of horses in movement is a great idea, so she set up a short makeshift rail for him to jump over…so I got several shots of Galen in motion. These are the 2 best ones:

Jumpin Galen

Jumpin' Galen 1

Jumpin' Galen 2

Jumpin' Galen 2

Besides these shots, though, I managed to get a few that I like quite a lot, one of which I shifted and which I like a great deal, not simply for the way the shadow that appeared on his face but for the sky in the background:



When Ann took Galen back to his stall, I spent some more time with Paint, rubbing his chin with one hand and taking pictures with the other. When I was doing this, another, smaller, horse was brought into the corral. This shorter, black horse was leery of me and, despite the breathing-in-the-nose technique and offering my hand, he remained a bit leery of me.



Still, I managed to get a few nice pictures of him, and Paint, as well.

Noses in the Afternoon Sun

Noses in the Afternoon Sun

One of the photos above — Hello — was shot at this time…but here is the shift for it, as well as the shift for Listening with Your Eyes:

Halo and Lake

Halo and Lake

Reflected In The Sky

Reflected In The Sky.

Something that I find very intriguing about shooting photographs of these horses is their “hairstyles,” which, not being groomed, can be very beautiful, adding to their already exceptional beauty, as well. Here are a few that I found particularly nice:

Paint's Hairstyle




Paint's Hair - Detail

Paint's Mane - Detail

Curl - Galen's Mane

Curl - Galen's Mane

Those are the best shots I took though I have several more that didn’t quite “make the cut.”
I’ll close with a full picture of Galen so you can see what a beautiful horse he is.

Galen and Ann

Galen and Ann

I look forward, as always, to my next visit. And I hope you have enjoyed this one.

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3 Responses to “Galen and Friends Pt 2”

  1. I’m glad to see another load of your photos. Horses are beautiful animals and I really enjoyed your photos. Another thing that makes me happy is that you describe them not only as the animals they are, but also as the individuals they definitely are. Your story is also good and interesting to read. Take care and don’t work too hard!


  2. Ann Hagaman Says:


    There is no doubt in my mind or Galen’s that you’re a keeper and a “member of the herd”. When you’re ready to forsake all your worldy belongings and follow the path of the Horse Whisperer we will be first among your devotees!

    A horse follows those they see worthy of trust. It is not as you experienced, always, an instant credibility. Galen saw and spoke to you that he recognized your inate understanding and compassion for all creatures and in exchange for that, he gave you trust and welcome. As I said, the bonding in the herd entitles you to eat and be protected as one of its members. Not a gift to be taken lightly from any individual. There are those among horses who understand that.

    And as the old proverb says : Show me your Horse and I will tell you who you are”

    Thanks again for giving us your time. We both enjoy our days with you and the beautiful photos that result.

    from your boots and saddles buddies in beautiful Northern Colorado,
    Ann and Galen

  3. […] with Galen and his friends (see previous blogs “Galen and Friends” and “Galen and Friends, Part 2“), it is with sadness that I said goodbye to him yesterday. Ann is moving east to Virginia […]

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