Dahlia – 5 Ways to Expression

Dahlia - Emerging

Dahlia - Emerging

A few days ago, I was talking to my friend, Lotte Janus, whose “home” is the world (she never stays in one place very long but considers her “base” Ojai, CA). She comes from a very artistic family, with one person or another having acted, worked in photography, and so on.
We were talking about a photographic exhibit she saw recently near Bridgewater, NY, and the various styles of work exhibited. Then we started talking about my work because there were artists in the show whose stuff is as unique as mine. One of the comments she made was in regard to the adaptations I make for a single photo and, I believe, that her sister would be interested, also being a photographer.

So, feeling a trace of  “challenge,” I decided to take a recent photo and play with it. The photo I chose was one I took for the Denver Botanic Gardens project for my friend, Ross Shrigley, who I have been shooting for this season. The original photo is above. One of the reasons I chose this photo is that it is just slightly out of focus, which would be masked by each of the processes.
First, I shifted it to my “Electric” process and produced this:

The Jelly-Starfish Nebula

The Jelly-Starfish Nebula

Next, I went back to the original and worked on “Negative Space”:

Birth of a Planet from Hubble Telescope

Birth of a Planet from Hubble Telescope

So, I went back to the original, and I shifted it through “Electric” and then I solarized it:

Breaking Free At Last

Breaking Free At Last

Now, the upper 4 photos took me about 30 minutes to process….total, not each, because I am so familiar with the processes.

This morning, I decided to mess with it a bit more. So, I went to the “Electric” version and pushed it through a process that I don’t really have a name for, other than, maybe, “Sepia-Electric” or “Drawn Photo”.  For some reason, I slipped straight into drawing the flames at the back and the glow at the center of the space-traveling projectile, instead of saving the “drawing” first…and came up with this:

Hurtling Through the Universe

Hurtling Through the Universe

In comparison to the previous 4, this photo took me about 30-45 minutes by itself, mostly because of drawing and tweaking the flames at the back, which could be more refined…so, at some point, I’ll go back and mess with it.

And there you have 5 ways to express one photo of a pre-blossom dahlia!

As always, enjoy!

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One Response to “Dahlia – 5 Ways to Expression”

  1. Hi Sam,

    I must say that I’m particularly fond of your Sepia-Electric process. Another thing I like is that you clearly show that the art of photography is an art. There are “rules” but one can stretch them or even break them without doing wrong. I often wish that more camera owners could free their minds and let the creativity out like you do, but in their own ways of course. Good and interesting work – thanks for posting!


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