Christmas Poem 2008

Instead of sending Christmas cards, I’ve been writing a Christmas Poem every year for the last 30 years or so. Initially, it was just that….a handwritten “card” (usually a sheet of colored paper). It wasn’t until the last 5 or 6 years that I included a photo and, usually, I superimposed the writing on a photo with the help (or hindrance) of MS Publisher.
Well, time’s have changed………….

Snow Squall In Moonlight - Shoshoko

Snow Squall In Moonlight - Shoshoko


On Christmas Night, it was a sight to behold:

The trees and the fields shone as if sprinkled with starlight
and all of the creatures came out from their winter homes
to the edges of the fields and from the aspen glades.

Far off in the distance, Wolf called when he heard the swift silence of
reindeer hooves in mid-air, the familiar and distinct jingle of bells,
and the occasional call to them from their driver.

The young animals, who had only heard about this from older brothers and sisters, had never quite believed it was true but, with Wolf’s call, they knew their dreams were about to be imagined in mid-air.

Closer to them, over the next ridge, a call came from Elk, sounding his trumpet-like voice, that it was, indeed, true and not some machination made by the people down below in the cities.

And then up, over the ridge top in a great sweep of hooves, the jangling of bells, chimes, and carillons, along with the snorts and calls of reindeer in the chilly night, the rustling of their hair twisting in the gusts of frosty mountain air, and the jovial call to them from St. Nicholas, who sat at the back of his sleigh as great as a living mountain, the amazing sight brought all of the creatures, young and old, to their hind legs with jumps of glee and clapping paws…

And there, before their eyes, he landed so softly in the center of the field before them as the whole scene fell to a mere hush, save for the muted sound of the reindeers’ breathing and snow settling beneath the sleigh.

In a whisper as soft as the starlight above, he said
“Merry Christmas, Little Ones…Merry Christmas, Everyone!”

In an instant that seemed to last for hours, he was gone again… leaving behind all of the things all of the creatures in that part of the forest had asked for…but most of all, he left them with Peace in their Hearts.

Have a truly wondrous and Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, or Happy Yule of your own and Relish what the New Year has in store for you!

Love to all-


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