Variations on a Christmas Theme

Christmas on Jay 08

Christmas on Jay 08

Got started a bit late this year with the decorations and lights. In lieu of a tree, we decorate the house with lights and ornaments. The way my house is configured, setting up a tree just doesn’t work….a bunch of small room that are already filled. So, I hung some lights around the living room and entryway/dining room. Then, when my son got home from lunch, we hung the ornaments.

The picture above is a bit mundane in comparison to this one, which I like A LOT more:

Lighting Up the House For Christmas

Lighting Up the House For Christmas.

For me, it has the real “atmosphere” of what lights do for the eyes at Christmas, even if it is an altered view.  🙂
I like this photo, too, but in a way that is difficult to describe. It makes me feel a bit like I am stepping back in time.

Looking Passed the Frames

Looking Passed the Frames

Well, I have to get rolling here……..have to finish up the “shopping”. (Yep, I run late just like everyone else does!)

Enjoy the Lights of Christmas, wherever you are!

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