Photo Drawings I

When Beauty Reflected, It Was As If

When Beauty Reflected, It Was As If

I believe this was the first photo-drawing I ever made, which was a few months ago; the original photo was taken in January 2005.

The process is one step further, after deriving my “electric” manipulation, which defines the clarity, to a great extent, towards creating the finished photo drawing.

While I have made several as I go along with current works…..


Benevolence (2009)

….I am more inclined to go back into my archives and play with photos that I took last year….

In Her Backyard, I Wait

In Her Backyard, I Wait (2008)

or even a few years ago….

Moonlight Mile

Moonlight Mile (2002)

Each time I alter or manipulate a photo, I tempt the boundaries of each photo and see if this technique works. If it doesn’t, of course, I don’t use it… and not all photos work (which is probably a good thing!).

This morning, for instance, I was tempted. I took this photo in Plant Asia, my favorite inner garden at Denver Botanic Gardens in October.

At the Edge of Green

At the Edge of Green

Until a few days ago, I processed these photos strictly using a sepia tone for the images. However, I have begun looking at the photos with either the subject matter or the “theme”, unless, of course, I simply like a color that I happen to discover along the way when I shift it.

Some of you are familiar with this subject, if you’ve been following my recent blogs:

Before Going

Before Going

I have been going back into my photos of Galen because…well, I like the subject for one thing but also, I miss him. This photo is, perhaps, one of the clearest examples of what the process achieves for me. And, quite frankly, I can see this photo, in my mind’s eye, blown up to a rather large canvas and hanging in some equestrian center anywhere in the world!

Another recent addition was taken last Summer (which I posted in a very early blog as an example of my “electric” process); I shifted this photo just a few days ago and it is every bit as dark and ominous as the original, if not more so….

The Departed Wait For Redemption

The Departed Wait For Redemption

I took this photo a few nights ago, when it was snowing. It was taken out my bathroom window with my Canon SD500, looking into the back alley and held against the window to keep it steady so there would be as little blur as possible; the exposure was probably about a half second. It was taken at 1:30am.

Lines of the Alley

Lines of the Alley

I was quite surprised to be able pickup the details of the bench and side of the garage facing the back of the house (not to mention the collection of old signs I have nailed under the eave), which are, obviously, entirely in shadow.

I’ll leave you, for the moment, with this, taken at the Botanic Gardens last Fall:

Proudest at the End

Proudest at the End

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One Response to “Photo Drawings I”

  1. Stefan M Says:

    Hi Sam,
    I came upon your work by chance (while searching for Carbondale, Il), and I find the photo drawings absolutely ravishing and unique. I’m not really sure what I am looking at (which I also like) – are these photographs or drawings, or digital manipulations, or…? Can you say a little bit more about your process. I am not a photographer, so maybe what you have said is quite clear, just not to a regular guy like me. ” Benevolence” is my favorite on this page.

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