Peter and the Snowflake Lights

Reflection No Reflection

Reflection No Reflection

My friend, Peter Forss, and I went to a photo gallery, Rule Gallery, last week to see a large selection of collodion wet plates by Mark Sink (with examples here). Sink’s wet plates are absolutely exraordinary and actually give you a sense that they were taken in the 19th century, for the most part.

As we were leaving the gallery, Peter stopped to inspect the “snowflakes” in the window. My intent was not just taking a photo of Peter but of the buildings across the street. And then this woman strolled passed outside on the sidewalk and just happened to look in the window, presumably at Peter.

Seing Just Beyond

Seeing Just Beyond

What They See

What They See

Have an excellent week!

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2 Responses to “Peter and the Snowflake Lights”

  1. Sam,
    You have this technique working! Keep going, and keep letting it evolve. Good stuff.

  2. Staffan H Says:


    I see now that one of the effects your technique has is that it kind of “boosts” an image by highlighting things that look plain to something interesting and thrilling. I know you sometimes use the word “manipulate” about you processes, but I disagree with you here. The image itself is not manipulated. It’s just shown differently and in a very tasteful manner.

    All my best,

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