Fountain Valley – June 2007

Hacienda Tower - FVS 2007

Hacienda Tower - FVS 2007

This post is for a specific group of people: it is for everyone at Fountain Valley School in Colorado Springs, Colorado; I graduated from FVS in….well, I graduated from there back in the dark ages sometime…it isn’t really necessary to know when I did.

It is also a means for the photography students at FVS to see what is possible in what one can “see” in a single photograph: nevermind, how I do these…it is up to you to figure them out. If you are interested in the processes, I’ll guide you along, if the need arises. Seeing what you can see now only builds towards what you will see later, not to mention the places it will take others through your eyes!

For those of you who don’t know, the building above includes living quarters, the dining hall, a communal “living room”, a gorgeous courtyard (where the photo was taken), and several private rooms, which look out into the courtyard, among other things.
The photo was taken on Reunion Weekend 2007, when I was down at the school for the Alumni Art Show, which is held every year during that weekend.

For A Moment, Time Stood Still

For A Moment, Time Stood Still

Darkest Before the Dawn

Darkest Before the Dawn

To The Top

To The Top

And, of course, the possibilities are endless.
I recommend that those of you who need to have your taste buds whet a bit more, please take a look at the works of Louis Trociolla, Staffan Huss, and Anna D. Howell, among many many others at wordpress; these three have quite varied styles from one another but are well worth the time spent looking at what they do with their works. Louis is a great HDR photographer, Staffan chronicles his surroundings in Stockholm, and Anna is a graduate student at Univ. of AZ, specializing in the habits of native bees in AZ, shooting almost entirely in macro.
A personal favorite of mine who isn’t at wordpress is Darren Mahuron, a Colorado native whose imagination will take you places that will absolutely mesmerize you!

All my best to everyone!

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3 Responses to “Fountain Valley – June 2007”

  1. Jeff Brown Says:

    Hi Sam,
    Thanks for setting this up for us! Your work is really inspiring and I’m sure the FVS Photoids will want to ask a few questions. Several of them have had an intro PhotoShop class and other have plodded thru some self-instruction and discovery. It’s truly amazing what the students here can do. One of our AP Photoids was just admitted to a national juried high school show sponsored by Drexel Univ. Out of over 3,000 submissios! I think you can still see it on the FVS website under the “News and Calendar” menu.
    Will you be coming to Reunion this year? Hope to be in touch.

  2. I know I said thank you on facebook, but I haven’t been on the blog as much as I would like. Again, thanks for the kind words =-) Also, great picture of the building. I absolutely love the architecture and what you do to the photos afterwards. My favorite is when time stood still. It looks sureal. love love love it!

  3. Ann Snider Says:

    Aha! So there it is! We catch you once again doing what most do not imagine. Each version a visual delight and all different.

    FVS looks like a REALLY cool place!

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