Brief Visit by “Winter”

I got a new camera recently…another “pocket” one like the one I have carried in my pocket for several years. Circuit City, a large chain of media-related stores here, is “going out of business” and had it on sale for next to nothing so I felt compelled to buy it (I reasoned that my old pocket camera is getting tired; a reasonable excuse, I think). I sort of glanced at the box, checked the megapixels for it, and was convinced in nothing short of 30 seconds. Also a reasonable excuse.
Being the sort of guy I am, I thought nothing of actually studying what the capabilities were and was mesmerized by the fact that it was a new pocket-type Canon, which I love! I quickly discovered that I was holding in my hand a miniature version of my larger one and that it has lens extenders for it, something I have never seen in a pocket camera!

So I started playing with it, of course! I decided to play with it after dark to really push it. So, I stepped out into the backyard, as I am oft to do, and shot up into the big tree in the backyard at 1:30 in the morning!

Snow-Encrusted Siberian Elm

Snow-Encrusted Siberian Elm

That night was one of the promised “winter storms” which have all petered out after they left the mountains. No matter, I like this shot anyway because of the definition in the branches. Surprisingly, though, it was a hand-held shot held against a piece of fencing; this was the only shot of about 8 that turned out unblurred at a half-second exposure. I love the fact that this camera can shoot as high as ISO 1600, which will help a great deal with my night shots, since I rarely use a tripod. The available light was the streetlamp in the back alley.

A couple of nights later, another “winter storm” was predicted……..

Lamppost, Tree, Snow - Midnight

Lamppost, Tree, Snow - Midnight

It turned out to simply be a snow squall, not the 3 or 4″ that they predicted. This has got to be the driest Winter I have seen in Denver in years. My garden is sorely in need of Mother Nature’s white stuff, not just the freezing temperatures we have been getting. The photo was taken on Speer Blvd on my way home from work.

Walking With You In the Snow After Midnight

Walking With You In the Snow After Midnight

Transforming the photo gave me the feeling of being there a 100 years before; a nice touch with the grain substituting the snowflakes.

That’s it for now. If “winter” returns….I’ll return with some more of those shots. You can be assured, though, whether winter comes back or not, I will be back!

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2 Responses to “Brief Visit by “Winter””

  1. Congratulations to your new camera and to the good shots. I hope it will bring you lots of pleasure and fun while shooting.

    All my best,

  2. Nice work on the lamp post image, Sam. Well done.

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