Iris reticulata ‘JS Dijt’ — Miniature Bigshot

Iris reticulata 'JW Dijt'

Iris reticulata 'J.S. Dijt'

I said I’d let you see the above plant when it popped out of the ground in my yard. Well, frankly, I didn’t expect it to do so for another couple of weeks. However, here in Colorado, our weather has been so warm and dry that the ground, in turn, is ALSO so warm that the early Spring plants have been tricked into thinking that not only is Spring here but Summer is close behind!
This flower grows to a whopping 5″ or so. I have several of them planted in my front yard, where they create a very nice effect for people who aren’t used to flowers blooming in mid-March, other than crocuses. Frankly, I think they are one of the coolest-looking plants in the world. Different from their much bigger cousins, Bearded Iris, these are Beardless Irises.

On the inside of the house, another startling occurrence took place:
A few years ago, a friend gave me an indoor iris called a Walking Iris (Neomarica gracilis). In its natural habitat of Brazil, it’s name is derived from stalks that shoot out from the main plant and create a new plant wherever it touches ground, hence, walking iris.
Because I am not in Brazil (and neither was my friend), this gorgeous plant, which has leaves that get as much as 15″ tall with stalks that shoot off of one another, the plant needs to be elevated so it can “throw” its shoot out, which hangs in space. And what is even more curious is that you really have to keep an eye on it, not just to keep it rich with water but to see it bloom!
When they bloom, consider yourself lucky to see it in the morning because by nightfall, it has already shriveled up…and by the next morning, it has shed its dead leaves! The center of the bloom remains and becomes the seed for the next shoot.

Walking Iris

Walking Iris

When it blooms, you get to see this stunning blossom, which is only about 3 1/2-4″ wide! Blooms don’t happen all at once, of course, so while you may have one on one day, you certainly don’t ever get 2 on the same day. …and you may not see any for months at a time.
I wish I could have actually gotten a good photo of the both blossoms that I found but that wasn’t meant to be, I guess….they were too far apart to actually make any kind of “good” picture.
Still, you got to see this one and that’s all that counts!

Above The Queen's Tower

Above The Queen's Tower

As more of the plants arrive, I’ll keep you posted!

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