I love this guy!

Watching for Squirrels

Watching for Squirrels

His name is Monroe. But many folks know him as Poof, but my son, Spencer, and I can’t remember how we came up with that name…it certainly stuck though!



Spence and I got him when he was about 6 months old or so. He’s about 6+ now.
His markings were a lot more pronounced when he was a pup.

Handsome Fella

Handsome Fella

Summer Day Coolin'

Summer Day Coolin'

And when Iris was still around, he was a constant companion for her. Their initial week or so was interesting and funny. She was about 9 or 10 and had no idea who this precocious little guy was but they got along great. He wanted to play and i mean P-L-A-Y and, at first, Iris didn’t want any part of that…but she came around. And they became very close.



The closer she got to “moving on” and her hip dysplasia got so I had to carry her in and out of the house, I think he he pretty much knew what was coming and their bond just seemed to get tighter.
A couple of the last photos I have of the two of them….

Pals, Kissing

Pals, Kissing

Buddies Sharing a Drink

Buddies Sharing a Drink

That was a few years ago. Iris passed away in early 2004. I think she may have known, too, that we would be moving by the end of the year and she felt the need to move on, too.

Among my most favorite pictures of Monroe, besides the one at the top of this blog, which was taken a couple of weeks ago, are these:

Poof in the Morning Sun

Poof in the Morning Sun (11/07)

Sitting, On Guard, In the Front Yard

Sitting, On Guard, In the Front Yard (8/08)

Last but certainly not least…

Through the Snow

Through the Snow (1/03)


Snow Swimming

Snow Swimming ( Solstice Blizzard of 2006)

There will be more of him…he is a great study!

I was inspired to post this blog because of a couple of friends who I have “met” through wordpress and Facebook: “Aggie Postemon,” who has websites devoted to dog photography and is very good at what she does AND Terrah Johnson, who also has websites about dog photography. I met “Aggie” and Terrah through Anna Howell, who I have mentioned here numerous times.

So, there you have it!
See you soon!

4-16-09: How rude of me….I should have said that both Aggie and Terrah are great dog photogs! Shame on me!

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9 Responses to “I love this guy!”

  1. oh monroe!!! what a sweetbean!
    i love seeing him with iris. the best.

    more more!!!

  2. I love it. So cute!!

  3. Michael Kenna Says:

    I especially enjoy shots 1, 3, 5, 8 & 10

  4. Catherine Says:

    Sam … Monroe was (is) an exceptional Guru-in-Dachsund Guise. Oh, the things that I saw and the wisdom/s he gave me! As I see from your recent post, he has his uniquely attentive gave fixed upon one of those all too nimble raucous Edgewater alley squirrels. He is obviously prospering under the ever-lovin’ care of Bissells, pere et fils. Give Monsieur le Poof a gentle pat on his proud and shining pate from the Cat Lady and whisper in his ear, “She says, ‘Thank you, Monroe.’ ” He will understand exactly what I mean. Besos y con amor.

  5. sambissell Says:

    Monroe says “Woof, woof!” to all…………

  6. Staffan H Says:

    Dogs are great pets and buddies. We had two of the same kind (but with long, curly fur) and the oldest took responsibility for the entire family and made sure that we all got out of bed in time for school and work. The only thing bad was that she refused to learn about Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. As she grew old, she also made sure that we got to bed in time, too. I tried to make her understand that I wanted to read but she didn’t pay any attention to my arguments for staying up late. 🙂

  7. […] read the letter below and respond in whatever way you can. It is about the proud fellow above, who I recently posted a blog about and who is loved by many. […]

  8. […] Happy-go-lucky puppy: agile, frisky, squirrel and cat chaser, inquisitive, and, yes, kitty-poop-eater (eeeeeew!**). [This last bit, apparently, is something most dogs do and, in fact, some eat other dogs' poops, too (even MORE eeeeeeeeeewy!); my vet says, under her breath, that even though it is a gross thought, it is highly nutritious (but still eeeeeeewy)]. {For more photos of him, refer to this post.} […]

  9. What a sweetie pie!

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