Allium Beginning

Allium Beginning

I have several alliums in my yard. They range from about a foot tall with 3″ globes to 18″ tall with globes the size of a basketball to 3 or 4′ tall with 6” globes. As they bloom, I will be posting them so you can see what I am talking about. The most stunning allium, of course, is the one with the basketball-sized globe, Allium shubertii. I’ll explain it later when you actually see it.
For now,  just know that they have all started pushing up through their centers of gravity to make their presences known to me since their leaves have been showing for over a month.



Emergence and Birth

Emergence and Birth

This is just one of them. I have about a dozen throughout the yard. The one above will be about 3′ tall with a 6” globe.

Melting Snow Shower

Melting Snow Shower


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2 Responses to “Emergence”

  1. You really captured the raindrops on the leaves. My favorite is the last photo. Very classic looking.

  2. sambissell Says:

    Raindrops are a favorite of mine because they give depth to a leaf or petal, accentuated the color a bit more, and, sometimes, the reflection in the curvature of it can be amazingly clear.
    Originally, I wasn’t going to do a b/w photo then did it anyway. My result was a lot better than I thought it would be and, curiously enough, took a lot longer to work on than the previous three.
    Thanks for the compliment!

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