Monroe (aka The Poof) Emergency Fund Request

Poof in the Morning

Poof in the Morning Sun

This is a different kind of blog than any other I have ever posted. Please read the letter below and respond in whatever way you can. It is about the proud fellow above, who I recently posted a blog about and who is loved by many.



Please help us pay for Monroe’s emergency back operation, which is being performed Thursday, May 28th. Here are the details for this request:

Some of you may know that Monroe (aka Poof) has been having problems with his back again while others probably have no idea he did in the first place.

On Sunday, he took a turn for the worse though I am not sure how it became so aggravated overnight; “it just happens like that” I’ve been told. I took him to the vet yesterday and they kept him overnight for tests. Today, they reported that he has a large mass in his abdomen and that his spine is aggravated, perhaps by the enlarged mass. She referred me to the clinic where he had his surgery 2 years ago; Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital (here in the Denver area) is one of the better hospitals. Their testing brought back less than favorable results:

Their prognosis revealed that the mass is an enlarged liver due to the extended use of steroids, which he has been on for his skin allergies for a few years (Temaril-P delivers a low dose of prednisone as an anti-inflammatory) with an higher dose of strictly prednisone for the last 6 weeks to counteract the renewed weakness in his spine. The enlarged liver has, likely, pinched a nerve that sends signals to the brain, which tell him when to relieve himself…therefore, he lets loose no matter where he is. A good deal of his pain has been created by not knowing his bladder needs to do its thing, which makes the liver work overtime without relief. They also believe he has developed something like a steroidal condition that has exacerbated his kidney, as well.                     The trouble in his spine is a herniated disc, which has paralyzed his left leg, which, of course, doesn’t allow him to walk straight. His pain because of these things has been nearly constant for several days.

Their diagnosis is that he be operated on immediately to relieve the condition that the herniated disc has created in order to regain the use of his leg. They also feel that removing the use of steroids will return his liver and kidney to normal and that he can be put on a less invasive medication for his allergies. I asked if there was a more conservative approach to healing his back and liver; they said that a conservative approach would do little to relieve the pain and would, most likely, make things a lot worse.

They didn’t even have to give me an estimate (though they did, by law), since I knew what it would cost already. Weighing the choices was difficult but not very difficult: I am not ready to send my 7 year old pup off to “greener pastures” just yet. 7 years old is not “old” and I know he has a long life ahead of him still. I also know that his recovery will take a few months…months that will be well worth it in the long run. I know he can still scamper in the backyard to Woof at the squirrels, chase flies in the house when they pester him, and simply take walks in parks and Woof at the squirrels there, too.

So, here is the difficult part of this request.

I am asking for either a donation or a loan to help me cover the costs of the surgery. I was able to put a down-payment on the surgery; otherwise he’d be lying on his bed here with those beautiful pleading eyes of his. The hospital has allowed me to pay “on time” since I am a repeat customer though the payments are a bit out of my reach. The cost of the operation is [hold your breath then exhale]: $6000.

I fully realize that making a donation is pretty tough in the economic times we are all in right now…but if you DO choose to make a donation, Monroe (and Spence and I) would be forever grateful.

If you choose to offer a loan, I assure you that I will pay you back, not run off with the cash.

Whichever way you do choose, please donate what you can afford, large or small, and whatever you send will be used for a good cause: our happy-tail-wagging-squirrel-chasing Poof.

Asking you to make out your check to me sounds pretty shifty but I will then pay the bill at Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital with it. However, I have setup an alternative way to pay the bill  directly to the Hospital**see below**. Another way to donate/lend is through my Paypal account: my address there is .

As I said before, there are some of you who know Monroe….and some who do not. Whatever the case, please consider helping him out with this much-needed surgery…surgery that will have taken place by the time you see this, most likely.

Your support will be greatly appreciated.

All of our very best to all of you-

Sam, Spence, and, of course, Monroe

Sitting Guard on the Yard

Sitting Guard on the Yard

Super Monroe, the Caped Avenger!

Super Monroe, the Caped Avenger!

**Contributing directly to the bill at Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital:  Call Mary at 303-996-1365 between 8:30am and 4pm (Mountain time). Please tell her (VERY IMPORTANT)  that your payment is for ACCOUNT #68165. If she isn’t there, please leave your name and number and she will call you back; she requests that you NOT leave your credit card number on a voicemail for obvious reasons.

And many thanks again!

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2 Responses to “Monroe (aka The Poof) Emergency Fund Request”

  1. […] monroe’s dad sam has been a loyal  visitor to all blogs related to photography and dogs. and now…his dog monroe needs help. […]

  2. […] The enlarged liver, subsequently, had compressed his kidney, which made him think that he had to relieve himself…anytime. Dr. Ashbaugh, at Wheat Ridge, explained that they had determined that he may also be suffering from a steroidal condition with a name about 3′ long. They suggested that he have surgery as soon as possible and he was admitted for surgery for the next morning. Estimate: $5-6000. I had no choice but to put a down payment on it, otherwise he’d be at home with 3 legs that work and a hell of a lot of pain. When I got home, I sent out a letter (and began a group at Facebook like the one I started for Terrah when she needed assistance for Operation Sally) and asked for help with Monroe’s Emergency Fund. […]

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