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Red Hot Floor, 2005

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From 2005……….

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Kiss of the Orchid

A process I never use anymore but used a LOT when I did!

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Boiling Artichokes, 2010

Taken with my camera phone.

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Brickwork, Denver, 4am

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The Antoinnette After Midnight

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I say so

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Hiking Mt. Goliath, 2004: Bristlecone Pines

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Bristlecone Pine Ghost

Bristlecone Skeletons

The Face in the Stump

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Seedling on the Forest Floor

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Seedling on the Forest Floor, 2006

An older photo using a process I don’t utilize anymore but which I used for quite a long time. I may have to go back and play with it a bit (the process, not the photo)…..b/c I miss it. Taken at Shoshoko, off the east side of Crystal Mountain, where many of my photos are shot.

A year later, I went back to check its progress, and found it coming along strong! I made this composite of the original photo blended with the new one; be sure to look closely for the “message”.

Seedling on the Forest Floor - Seedling Grows Up, 2007

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In the Hall of the Mountain Queen

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Entry, Brass Urn, and Angles; Denver Masonic Temple

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When the Suns Go Nova

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When the Suns Go Nova

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The Dance

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Just Before The Dance of Death

The Dance of Death

Bloodless but Energized

Three variations on an original photo that I will not post at the request of those in it. And these are all processes that I haven’t used before….so all of these were experiments in how to mask who they are………….and obviously on a vampire-like theme.
Must be the evil in me trying to get out, eh?

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