Images at a Wedding I

Mattie and Lindsey got married a couple of days ago in the clock tower of the May D & F Tower in downtown Denver (open this link, then click on the resulting photo to get an even larger view for better detail).
It was truly an incredible experience and one I will likely never forget. I wasn’t their primary photographer and thankfully that was Liddy‘s job (whew!)…..but I took some shots that I really like quite a lot.

1 0f 4 clocks in the tower

North-facing Clock

Liddy....and the mirror


Handing Lindsey the Ring

The Kiss

After the Wedding Kiss

And, quite possibly, some of the most humorous toppers for cakes I’ve ever seen!

The Zombie Bride chases her man! (Wedding Cake)

Skull and Crossbones Bad-Kitty-Cake (Red Velvet Bride's cake)

Zombies Rising Cheesecake (Oreo Cookie Cheesecake - Groom's Zombies Cake)

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