Taken 40 Years Ago, Today

Pickled Plums on Kitchen Windowsill, Edgewater 2010

I shot this photo with the camera on my phone, which is a habit I’ve taken to in recent months….because I take A LOT of photos of food I prepare nowadays [mostly because I have a lot of Foddie Friends]. When I placed the jar on the windowsill, it struck me as though I was standing in my Great Aunt’s kitchen in IA back in the mid-70s, when I first started to learn canning.

Canning: a lost art known, almost only, to those in agrarian areas [yes, and a lot of it happens in cities as well].

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One Response to “Taken 40 Years Ago, Today”

  1. When you mentioned Iowa, I knew I had to chime in. I grew up in Iowa! Doesn’t that bring back memories. Nice post.

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