On Fire

Blue Flame. Denver, 2005

Flames on the Floor. Denver, 2005

Defying the Flame. Edgewater, 2008

Garage in Red. Denver, 2004.

Putting on Firehouse Clothes, Firehouse #2, The Highlands, Denver, about 1885**

Rohn Stokes the Fire. Shoshoko, 2006.

Firewood at Shoshoko, 2006.

Energy Pulse 2. Edgewater, 2008

and two of my all-time favorite photos………..

Getting Out of Hell. Edgewater, 2008

which, upon further workings and machinations, produced this from the same photo:

The Disappearance of the Deep Blue Sea. Edgewater, 2008.

[**I’ve included this photo (of the firemen) simply for one reason: my friend, Rohn, whose magnificent piece of land in the CO Rocky Mountains has been immortalized in many of my photos, used to own the building in which this photo was taken, sometime in the mid 1880s. Firehouse #2 is now an apartment building, which Rohn turned it into when he bought the building in order to save it from the wrecking ball. I believe it is a National Historic building.]

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2 Responses to “On Fire”

  1. terris deveraux Says:

    The Blues Project- Live at Town Hall. That concert shaped my taste in music. You and your sister. In Darien with antlers on your car.

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