This Is For……… (another post to a friend)

Reaching Out To, Santa Fe, 2006


I met you last night and one I hope that our friendship blossoms for a long time to come. In the brief moments we had to talk, we cut straight to the cores of things and connected in ways many people still have no clue about. So, consider these photos as a way to see a little deeper into me………..

Minions Reaching for Their Garden God, Edgewater, 2010

Getting Out of Hell, Edgewater, 2008

Shadowboxing, Monterey, 2004

Sunflower Bud, Esalen, 2006

Passionflower, Monterey, 2006

Bubbles at the Bottom, The Highlands, Denver, 2005

Lime and Grapefruits, The Highlands, 2005

Sand and Waves, Edgewater, 2007

Waterfall, DBG, 2007

Temporal Shift, Edgewater, 2009

and one of my all-time favorites:

Lotus Raindrops, DBG, 2004

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One Response to “This Is For……… (another post to a friend)”

  1. anjana ray Says:

    speechless !!!!!

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