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Better Late Than Never…..A Belated Birthday Gift for Ed: An Afternoon on the Pecos River, November 2012

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Pecos Flow

Pecos Flow

In early November 2012, I traveled down to Santa Fe, New Mexico, for 4 days of celebration and the birthday of one of my oldest friends, Ed Gale. Ed and I went to high school together at Fountain Valley School, outside Colorado Springs, in the late 60s. Along for the ride were a couple of more high school chums, Kurt Swingle and Ernie Steck. We all arrived on Thursday, enjoying a wonderful dinner in downtown at The Shed, which I highly recommend, if you are down that way! I also recommend Harry’s Roadhouse, where we had breakfast the following morning, after which we ventured eastward to Cowles, which is little more than a sign post on a road with a smattering of cabins, here and there. That said, however, it was definitely a home away from home for our overnight. Once we had unloaded the truck and settled our gear, we took off for a scan of the river for Ernie, who had brought his fishing tackle, and for me, camera in hand. They found a likely spot for Ernie to return to and I caught this candid shot, the faces of the innocent kept in confidence:

Perusing the Rive

Perusing the River

We continued along our merry ways, whether it was Ernie donning his fly-fishing gear or myself continuing to shoot photos, as I am wont to do in a new environment. I traipsed about the shoreline as I studied the river and how various things got in its way to impede its course….that is, the rocks and boulders, felled branches and trees, detritus of one form or another, or whatever may be pushing it this way or that. While my concentration was the Pecos River itself, I was, occasionally, distracted by various ┬ábits that caught my eye.

Pecos Spanish Moss

Pecos Spanish Moss

The best of that afternoon follows…………………………. Continue reading

One from Shoshoko

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Columbine and Ponderosa. Shoshoko, 2008

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As Fall Approaches

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DBG Pond and Changing Trees, 2005

These are photos I’ve taken through the years that reflect the oncoming colors that Autumn graces all of us with, in all of our different spots in the world. When I moved to Colorado many many years ago, I was told that there “aren’t any real colors, just lots of yellows.” Because I came from New England, where I grew up, and spent lots of time in Iowa and other parts of the Midwest during many of those same years, I was used to seeing a vast range of colors.

I didn’t think much of Colorado’s Autumn colors when I was in and out of college….I simply didn’t make note of it (if you can believe that!!). The more time I spent in the mountains, though, the more I came to realize… Continue reading

Another year ahead!

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As I do occasionally, I create posts for friends, who are special to me. This is one of those posts.

This one is for Gina V.

Because I just passed another year, the title of this blog has 2 meanings: I have found myself one more year forward and look forward to the one coming up.
The past year has had its ups and downs, as many do, but I like to base a year on the people I meet, more than anything. Events are one thing but meeting people who leave an impression are something entirely different. And while I have met quite a few people this year, meeting Gina has left quite an impression on me. I could list the reasons why but I won’t: she knows why, I think, and that is all that matters.

I consider the work included here some of my best work, either for personal reasons or because of feedback. The dates refer to the original date I took the photos.

So, Gina, these are for you….sort of a gift to you as I enjoy the entry of my next year on this planet. Enjoy!

Flame and glass

Flame and glass (2004)

Fading Tree Peony

Fading Tree Peony (2008)

Chance Meeting (2008)

Chance Meeting (2008)

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At Long Last: The Gardens at Jay Street

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Dwarf Tulips

Dwarf Tulips

This post is going to be virtually nothing but pictures, I’ve decided. To be precise, pictures of my yard, close-ups of some of the plants, blooms, etc in both the front and back yards as well as shots of groupings. Many readers either haven’t been here to the house or, if they have, have not been by this year, for one reason or another.
I’ll name as many as I can; I do know most and many I know only by their botanical name, not their common name, and vice versa. I’ll always label them from front to back.
If you want to write back and identify ones I haven’t named, feel free and I’ll add a note to the photos. And don’t be surprised if I add a few “shifts”.
In any case: ENJOY!

Fading Dianthus Bloom - Spiderweb Cactus BloomFading Dianthus Bloom – Spiderweb Cactus Bloom
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On Holiday……….

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Family of Four and then some

Family of Four and then some

Sometimes I dedicate posts to friends so I just want you to know that this one is for Deb, who was visiting from Saskatchewan this past week.
[So, Deb………….enjoy this post.]

We spent a couple of days up in Estes Park and although we didn’t pay the $20 entry fee to go into Rocky Mt. National Park, we did get to see a fair amount of wildlife, anyway. The group above just happened to taking in some sun in a neighborhood when we happened by on a side road to our condo by Fall River.
While I didn’t take a whole lot of arty shots, I did manage to take a few. But one of the great shots I like from our weekend is this one. We were walking down the main drag when we came across this fellow, who was, as you can tell, pretty damn cute. Right after I took this picture, I leaned into him and he licked my nose…something a bit unexpected considering we had never met.



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Photo Drawings I

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When Beauty Reflected, It Was As If

When Beauty Reflected, It Was As If

I believe this was the first photo-drawing I ever made, which was a few months ago; the original photo was taken in January 2005.

The process is one step further, after deriving my “electric” manipulation, which defines the clarity, to a great extent, towards creating the finished photo drawing.

While I have made several as I go along with current works…..


Benevolence (2009)

….I am more inclined to go back into my archives and play with photos that I took last year….

In Her Backyard, I Wait

In Her Backyard, I Wait (2008)

or even a few years ago….

Moonlight Mile

Moonlight Mile (2002)

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Lake Chabot

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Lake Chabot

Lake Chabot

Lake Chabot is a city park near Castro Valley, CA. I took this photograph when I was out there for the trip that is described in the previous blog. This photo, which was originally processed in 2006, after the trip, used to have a lot more foreground and sky in it. When I “happened across it” a few days ago, I decided to do some very slight tweaking to it by slimming it down and enriching the colors so more of the receding detail would be seen.
I tried some of the other processes on it with little advantage.

Then I did a very simple transformation on it and created a photo that, for all intents and purposes, could have been produced a hundred years ago:

Early Lake Chabot

Early Lake Chabot

Nothing fancy this time but, still, enjoy!

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