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Red House……

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… the name of a song that was made quite popular by Jimi Hendrix in the late ’60s. The very first time I heard it, I fell in love with it! What is funny about the first time I heard it is that I found it on a Warner Brothers sampler album that you could get by sending in a coupon that was found on the inner liner. Some of you may remember this fine way of discovering new music back then but many people I mention this to have no idea what I am talking about, whether they were from that time period or not. The  promotional campaign was called “Loss Leaders“.

Take a listen** while you study the photo…………

There's A Red House Over Yonder, That's Where.... Denver, 2009.

Here are the lyrics, if you find you want to sing along (feel free to play air guitar b/c I think you’re safe….no one’s watching!):

There’s a red house over yonder, that’s where my baby stays.
There’s a red house over yonder, baby, that’s where my baby stays.
Well, I ain’t been home to see my baby in about ninety nine and one half days,
’bout time I see her.

Wait a minute, something’s wrong.
The key wont unlock the door.
Wait a minute, something’s wrong, baby.
The key wont unlock the door.
I got a bad, bad feeling that my baby don’t live here no more.

I might as well go on back down,
Go back ‘cross yonder over the hill.
I might as well go back over yonder
Way back yonder ‘cross the hill, (That’s where I come from)
‘Cos if my baby don’t love me no more.
I know her sister will!

** For those who want to listen to a longer, bluesier version, take a listen to this amazing piece of music!

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The Dance

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Just Before The Dance of Death

The Dance of Death

Bloodless but Energized

Three variations on an original photo that I will not post at the request of those in it. And these are all processes that I haven’t used before….so all of these were experiments in how to mask who they are………….and obviously on a vampire-like theme.
Must be the evil in me trying to get out, eh?

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A September Afternoon with Thee Immortals – California 2006

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As I write this, I am listening to one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard. This is, of course, a personal preference that others may not appreciate….but, humor me and turn it up so you can listen to this single guitarist play his music while I show these “new pieces” to you.

This was taken one Sunday afternoon in 2006 when I was visiting my friend, Paul, when he was practicing with the jazz-fusion band he was playing bass for (they have since disbanded and he has moved on to a new band). I stepped outside for a breath of fresh air and found this nearby…

Sunday Afternoon Fence Post

Sunday Afternoon Fence Post

Just a fence post.
I hadn’t done anything with the photo until tonight…it sat in the archives as IMG_7385. And then this happened

Three-Way Intersection

Three-Way Intersection

It’s a “negative space” of the original. Well, you know me, don’t you?
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Musical Interlude II

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Locust Tree Near Dawn

Locust Tree Near Dawn

Coming and Going 2 (Anemone biarmiensis)

Coming and Going 2 (Anemone biarmiensis)

Respite 2

Respite 2

Another trip to DBG…my weekly sojourn to chronicle certain installations. The top and second photo were shot in Plant Asia, the third in Wildflower Treasures. I’m not actually chronicling these 2 gardens, I just like them because they are curated by my mentor, Mark Fusco.

Here’s the musical interlude for you: a choice of Bruce Cockburn’s Last Night of the World or his End of All Rivers. The first is a studio cut, the second is a live one….don’t watch the second one for the video, listen to it for the music because the video is not very good. End of All Rivers, an instrumental, is probably my favorite Bruce song for its overlay upon overlay… really is easy to imagine a massive river flowing down and, perhaps, over a waterfall, then down into a soft flowing stream at the end of its course, then into the ocean. If you choose this one, simply open it in a separate window and listen to it…it really is an amazing piece of music. Last Night of the World is a vocal that I asked my friend, Paul, to learn for what turned out to be an inauspicious occasion that I won’t go into here (or ever). Another gorgeous piece, though this one features Bruce’s buttery voice. (OK, I weaseled another piece in here….love those links!…another studio cut… the beuatiful Pacing The Cage.)
So, listen and view some photos from my recent visit to the Gardens.
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Musical Interlude

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Take a few minutes and watch Pat Metheny play the amazing 42-string Pikasso guitar designed by Linda Manzer. The piece is 5 minutes long and is worth the short interlude from your otherwise harried day.


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