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On Fire

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Blue Flame. Denver, 2005

Flames on the Floor. Denver, 2005

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As Fall Approaches

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DBG Pond and Changing Trees, 2005

These are photos I’ve taken through the years that reflect the oncoming colors that Autumn graces all of us with, in all of our different spots in the world. When I moved to Colorado many many years ago, I was told that there “aren’t any real colors, just lots of yellows.” Because I came from New England, where I grew up, and spent lots of time in Iowa and other parts of the Midwest during many of those same years, I was used to seeing a vast range of colors.

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Another year ahead!

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As I do occasionally, I create posts for friends, who are special to me. This is one of those posts.

This one is for Gina V.

Because I just passed another year, the title of this blog has 2 meanings: I have found myself one more year forward and look forward to the one coming up.
The past year has had its ups and downs, as many do, but I like to base a year on the people I meet, more than anything. Events are one thing but meeting people who leave an impression are something entirely different. And while I have met quite a few people this year, meeting Gina has left quite an impression on me. I could list the reasons why but I won’t: she knows why, I think, and that is all that matters.

I consider the work included here some of my best work, either for personal reasons or because of feedback. The dates refer to the original date I took the photos.

So, Gina, these are for you….sort of a gift to you as I enjoy the entry of my next year on this planet. Enjoy!

Flame and glass

Flame and glass (2004)

Fading Tree Peony

Fading Tree Peony (2008)

Chance Meeting (2008)

Chance Meeting (2008)

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April (Snow)showers Bring…

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Undaunted Iris bucharica

Undaunted Iris bucharica

It snowed about 10 days ago….a typical late April storm…it was supposed to be a real dumper here in the city but it fizzled out. Instead, it pounded the mountains, foothills, and the plains east of town.
A couple of days before the storm hit, my Iris bucharica (Corn Leaf Iris, though I had to look this up since I’ve never called it that) bloomed. The before-storm pictures really don’t do justice to what this one displayed. I have several around the yard in various places; it is really one of my favorite plants that appear in Spring.

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I love this guy!

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Watching for Squirrels

Watching for Squirrels

His name is Monroe. But many folks know him as Poof, but my son, Spencer, and I can’t remember how we came up with that name…it certainly stuck though!



Spence and I got him when he was about 6 months old or so. He’s about 6+ now.
His markings were a lot more pronounced when he was a pup.

Handsome Fella

Handsome Fella

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What a Difference a Day (or two) Makes

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Although our weather has been in the 60s and 70s for the last 2 0r 3 weeks, Mr. Weatherman let us know we had snow on the way. Of course, he has been a “bit off” all winter in calling previous storms so it was with a great “ho-hum” that I greeted the chance of this one.
Yesterday turned out to be the calm before the storm. And knowing a “snowstorm” was headed here, I decided to prune back some shrubs and grasses, in order to belay getting crushed under a heavy wet Spring snow. When I was done, I took a few photos just to have in case the promised snowstorm turned out to be real.

Frontyard - Wednesday afternoon

Wednesday afternoon - Frontyard

Wednesday afternoon - Backyard

Wednesday afternoon - Backyard

Flowering Almond

Flowering Almond (aka Korean Cherry)

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Stopping By………

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The Sun Defined

The Sun Defined

Winter stopped by for another brief visit yesterday. So, I went out in the yard before all of the snow melted off in the bright sun.
Above is a Century Plant (Agave paryii), so named because it only blooms once per century; however, that isn’t really true…it simply takes a very long time to bloom and only seems like a century!

Yucca Filamentosa

Yucca filamentosa (Adam's Needle)

And although crocuses are a “sign of Spring”…don’t be fooled, they pop up through snow, no matter how far off it actually is. Here in Colorado, March is actually the heaviest month for snow…and I am really looking forward to that, simply because my garden needs moisture so badly!

First Crocuses

First Crocuses

These little lookers are about 3″ tall and the lavender tips are absolutely gorgeous. I planted these all around the base of my 2 crab apples and not far away are some dwarf Irises. When the Irises pop open, you can be assured that they will be posted here!

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Brief Visit by “Winter”

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I got a new camera recently…another “pocket” one like the one I have carried in my pocket for several years. Circuit City, a large chain of media-related stores here, is “going out of business” and had it on sale for next to nothing so I felt compelled to buy it (I reasoned that my old pocket camera is getting tired; a reasonable excuse, I think). I sort of glanced at the box, checked the megapixels for it, and was convinced in nothing short of 30 seconds. Also a reasonable excuse.
Being the sort of guy I am, I thought nothing of actually studying what the capabilities were and was mesmerized by the fact that it was a new pocket-type Canon, which I love! I quickly discovered that I was holding in my hand a miniature version of my larger one and that it has lens extenders for it, something I have never seen in a pocket camera!

So I started playing with it, of course! I decided to play with it after dark to really push it. So, I stepped out into the backyard, as I am oft to do, and shot up into the big tree in the backyard at 1:30 in the morning!

Snow-Encrusted Siberian Elm

Snow-Encrusted Siberian Elm

That night was one of the promised “winter storms” which have all petered out after they left the mountains. No matter, I like this shot anyway because of the definition in the branches. Surprisingly, though, it was a hand-held shot held against a piece of fencing; this was the only shot of about 8 that turned out unblurred at a half-second exposure. I love the fact that this camera can shoot as high as ISO 1600, which will help a great deal with my night shots, since I rarely use a tripod. The available light was the streetlamp in the back alley.

A couple of nights later, another “winter storm” was predicted……..

Lamppost, Tree, Snow - Midnight

Lamppost, Tree, Snow - Midnight

It turned out to simply be a snow squall, not the 3 or 4″ that they predicted. This has got to be the driest Winter I have seen in Denver in years. My garden is sorely in need of Mother Nature’s white stuff, not just the freezing temperatures we have been getting. The photo was taken on Speer Blvd on my way home from work.

Walking With You In the Snow After Midnight

Walking With You In the Snow After Midnight

Transforming the photo gave me the feeling of being there a 100 years before; a nice touch with the grain substituting the snowflakes.

That’s it for now. If “winter” returns….I’ll return with some more of those shots. You can be assured, though, whether winter comes back or not, I will be back!

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Christmas Poem 2008

Posted in Abstract, Christmas, Electrified, Photography, Snowscape on December 23, 2008 by sambissell

Instead of sending Christmas cards, I’ve been writing a Christmas Poem every year for the last 30 years or so. Initially, it was just that….a handwritten “card” (usually a sheet of colored paper). It wasn’t until the last 5 or 6 years that I included a photo and, usually, I superimposed the writing on a photo with the help (or hindrance) of MS Publisher.
Well, time’s have changed………….

Snow Squall In Moonlight - Shoshoko

Snow Squall In Moonlight - Shoshoko


On Christmas Night, it was a sight to behold:

The trees and the fields shone as if sprinkled with starlight
and all of the creatures came out from their winter homes
to the edges of the fields and from the aspen glades.

Far off in the distance, Wolf called when he heard the swift silence of
reindeer hooves in mid-air, the familiar and distinct jingle of bells,
and the occasional call to them from their driver.

The young animals, who had only heard about this from older brothers and sisters, had never quite believed it was true but, with Wolf’s call, they knew their dreams were about to be imagined in mid-air.

Closer to them, over the next ridge, a call came from Elk, sounding his trumpet-like voice, that it was, indeed, true and not some machination made by the people down below in the cities.

And then up, over the ridge top in a great sweep of hooves, the jangling of bells, chimes, and carillons, along with the snorts and calls of reindeer in the chilly night, the rustling of their hair twisting in the gusts of frosty mountain air, and the jovial call to them from St. Nicholas, who sat at the back of his sleigh as great as a living mountain, the amazing sight brought all of the creatures, young and old, to their hind legs with jumps of glee and clapping paws…

And there, before their eyes, he landed so softly in the center of the field before them as the whole scene fell to a mere hush, save for the muted sound of the reindeers’ breathing and snow settling beneath the sleigh.

In a whisper as soft as the starlight above, he said
“Merry Christmas, Little Ones…Merry Christmas, Everyone!”

In an instant that seemed to last for hours, he was gone again… leaving behind all of the things all of the creatures in that part of the forest had asked for…but most of all, he left them with Peace in their Hearts.

Have a truly wondrous and Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, or Happy Yule of your own and Relish what the New Year has in store for you!

Love to all-


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Variations on a Christmas Theme

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Christmas on Jay 08

Christmas on Jay 08

Got started a bit late this year with the decorations and lights. In lieu of a tree, we decorate the house with lights and ornaments. The way my house is configured, setting up a tree just doesn’t work….a bunch of small room that are already filled. So, I hung some lights around the living room and entryway/dining room. Then, when my son got home from lunch, we hung the ornaments.

The picture above is a bit mundane in comparison to this one, which I like A LOT more:

Lighting Up the House For Christmas

Lighting Up the House For Christmas.

For me, it has the real “atmosphere” of what lights do for the eyes at Christmas, even if it is an altered view.  🙂
I like this photo, too, but in a way that is difficult to describe. It makes me feel a bit like I am stepping back in time.

Looking Passed the Frames

Looking Passed the Frames

Well, I have to get rolling here……..have to finish up the “shopping”. (Yep, I run late just like everyone else does!)

Enjoy the Lights of Christmas, wherever you are!

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