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On Fire

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Blue Flame. Denver, 2005

Flames on the Floor. Denver, 2005

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As Fall Approaches

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DBG Pond and Changing Trees, 2005

These are photos I’ve taken through the years that reflect the oncoming colors that Autumn graces all of us with, in all of our different spots in the world. When I moved to Colorado many many years ago, I was told that there “aren’t any real colors, just lots of yellows.” Because I came from New England, where I grew up, and spent lots of time in Iowa and other parts of the Midwest during many of those same years, I was used to seeing a vast range of colors.

I didn’t think much of Colorado’s Autumn colors when I was in and out of college….I simply didn’t make note of it (if you can believe that!!). The more time I spent in the mountains, though, the more I came to realize… Continue reading

Another year ahead!

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As I do occasionally, I create posts for friends, who are special to me. This is one of those posts.

This one is for Gina V.

Because I just passed another year, the title of this blog has 2 meanings: I have found myself one more year forward and look forward to the one coming up.
The past year has had its ups and downs, as many do, but I like to base a year on the people I meet, more than anything. Events are one thing but meeting people who leave an impression are something entirely different. And while I have met quite a few people this year, meeting Gina has left quite an impression on me. I could list the reasons why but I won’t: she knows why, I think, and that is all that matters.

I consider the work included here some of my best work, either for personal reasons or because of feedback. The dates refer to the original date I took the photos.

So, Gina, these are for you….sort of a gift to you as I enjoy the entry of my next year on this planet. Enjoy!

Flame and glass

Flame and glass (2004)

Fading Tree Peony

Fading Tree Peony (2008)

Chance Meeting (2008)

Chance Meeting (2008)

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April (Snow)showers Bring…

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Undaunted Iris bucharica

Undaunted Iris bucharica

It snowed about 10 days ago….a typical late April storm…it was supposed to be a real dumper here in the city but it fizzled out. Instead, it pounded the mountains, foothills, and the plains east of town.
A couple of days before the storm hit, my Iris bucharica (Corn Leaf Iris, though I had to look this up since I’ve never called it that) bloomed. The before-storm pictures really don’t do justice to what this one displayed. I have several around the yard in various places; it is really one of my favorite plants that appear in Spring.

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I love this guy!

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Watching for Squirrels

Watching for Squirrels

His name is Monroe. But many folks know him as Poof, but my son, Spencer, and I can’t remember how we came up with that name…it certainly stuck though!



Spence and I got him when he was about 6 months old or so. He’s about 6+ now.
His markings were a lot more pronounced when he was a pup.

Handsome Fella

Handsome Fella

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What a Difference a Day (or two) Makes

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Although our weather has been in the 60s and 70s for the last 2 0r 3 weeks, Mr. Weatherman let us know we had snow on the way. Of course, he has been a “bit off” all winter in calling previous storms so it was with a great “ho-hum” that I greeted the chance of this one.
Yesterday turned out to be the calm before the storm. And knowing a “snowstorm” was headed here, I decided to prune back some shrubs and grasses, in order to belay getting crushed under a heavy wet Spring snow. When I was done, I took a few photos just to have in case the promised snowstorm turned out to be real.

Frontyard - Wednesday afternoon

Wednesday afternoon - Frontyard

Wednesday afternoon - Backyard

Wednesday afternoon - Backyard

Flowering Almond

Flowering Almond (aka Korean Cherry)

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Stopping By………

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The Sun Defined

The Sun Defined

Winter stopped by for another brief visit yesterday. So, I went out in the yard before all of the snow melted off in the bright sun.
Above is a Century Plant (Agave paryii), so named because it only blooms once per century; however, that isn’t really true…it simply takes a very long time to bloom and only seems like a century!

Yucca Filamentosa

Yucca filamentosa (Adam's Needle)

And although crocuses are a “sign of Spring”…don’t be fooled, they pop up through snow, no matter how far off it actually is. Here in Colorado, March is actually the heaviest month for snow…and I am really looking forward to that, simply because my garden needs moisture so badly!

First Crocuses

First Crocuses

These little lookers are about 3″ tall and the lavender tips are absolutely gorgeous. I planted these all around the base of my 2 crab apples and not far away are some dwarf Irises. When the Irises pop open, you can be assured that they will be posted here!

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