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Details of the Garden and a few First Time Bloomers

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Cholla Bloom_I planted my Cholla in 2005 and it sends out to arms every year but this is the first year it has pushed out blooms! And it’s just getting started!
Cholla with Buds Ready_Cholla Bloom Visitor_And the bees are already visiting! Lucky bees!

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At Long Last: The Gardens at Jay Street

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Dwarf Tulips

Dwarf Tulips

This post is going to be virtually nothing but pictures, I’ve decided. To be precise, pictures of my yard, close-ups of some of the plants, blooms, etc in both the front and back yards as well as shots of groupings. Many readers either haven’t been here to the house or, if they have, have not been by this year, for one reason or another.
I’ll name as many as I can; I do know most and many I know only by their botanical name, not their common name, and vice versa. I’ll always label them from front to back.
If you want to write back and identify ones I haven’t named, feel free and I’ll add a note to the photos. And don’t be surprised if I add a few “shifts”.
In any case: ENJOY!

Fading Dianthus Bloom - Spiderweb Cactus BloomFading Dianthus Bloom – Spiderweb Cactus Bloom
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Musical Interlude II

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Locust Tree Near Dawn

Locust Tree Near Dawn

Coming and Going 2 (Anemone biarmiensis)

Coming and Going 2 (Anemone biarmiensis)

Respite 2

Respite 2

Another trip to DBG…my weekly sojourn to chronicle certain installations. The top and second photo were shot in Plant Asia, the third in Wildflower Treasures. I’m not actually chronicling these 2 gardens, I just like them because they are curated by my mentor, Mark Fusco.

Here’s the musical interlude for you: a choice of Bruce Cockburn’s Last Night of the World or his End of All Rivers. The first is a studio cut, the second is a live one….don’t watch the second one for the video, listen to it for the music because the video is not very good. End of All Rivers, an instrumental, is probably my favorite Bruce song for its overlay upon overlay… really is easy to imagine a massive river flowing down and, perhaps, over a waterfall, then down into a soft flowing stream at the end of its course, then into the ocean. If you choose this one, simply open it in a separate window and listen to it…it really is an amazing piece of music. Last Night of the World is a vocal that I asked my friend, Paul, to learn for what turned out to be an inauspicious occasion that I won’t go into here (or ever). Another gorgeous piece, though this one features Bruce’s buttery voice. (OK, I weaseled another piece in here….love those links!…another studio cut… the beuatiful Pacing The Cage.)
So, listen and view some photos from my recent visit to the Gardens.
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Site recommendation

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Bugs n Bees! And incredible photographies!

A comment posted by a reader of the last entry sent me a link to her pages and I highly recommend you go take a look!

Anna’s Bee World

As for me, it’s quite late……but, also, is about the usual time I get to bed anymore!
Up early and off to Annie’s for breakfast (no, not Anna’s Bees…just Annie’s)

More tomorrow!