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As Fall Approaches

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DBG Pond and Changing Trees, 2005

These are photos I’ve taken through the years that reflect the oncoming colors that Autumn graces all of us with, in all of our different spots in the world. When I moved to Colorado many many years ago, I was told that there “aren’t any real colors, just lots of yellows.” Because I came from New England, where I grew up, and spent lots of time in Iowa and other parts of the Midwest during many of those same years, I was used to seeing a vast range of colors.

I didn’t think much of Colorado’s Autumn colors when I was in and out of college….I simply didn’t make note of it (if you can believe that!!). The more time I spent in the mountains, though, the more I came to realize… Continue reading

Esalen, 2006

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Tree - Cliff - Fog

taken at Esalen Institue in Sept 2006 while spending a gratis day there, given to us by a massage therapist who worked there, who Wren met at the Power to the People Concerts (headlined with Michael Franti) in San Francisco a few days before.

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A September Afternoon with Thee Immortals – California 2006

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As I write this, I am listening to one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard. This is, of course, a personal preference that others may not appreciate….but, humor me and turn it up so you can listen to this single guitarist play his music while I show these “new pieces” to you.

This was taken one Sunday afternoon in 2006 when I was visiting my friend, Paul, when he was practicing with the jazz-fusion band he was playing bass for (they have since disbanded and he has moved on to a new band). I stepped outside for a breath of fresh air and found this nearby…

Sunday Afternoon Fence Post

Sunday Afternoon Fence Post

Just a fence post.
I hadn’t done anything with the photo until tonight…it sat in the archives as IMG_7385. And then this happened

Three-Way Intersection

Three-Way Intersection

It’s a “negative space” of the original. Well, you know me, don’t you?
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Dahlia – 5 Ways to Expression

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Dahlia - Emerging

Dahlia - Emerging

A few days ago, I was talking to my friend, Lotte Janus, whose “home” is the world (she never stays in one place very long but considers her “base” Ojai, CA). She comes from a very artistic family, with one person or another having acted, worked in photography, and so on.
We were talking about a photographic exhibit she saw recently near Bridgewater, NY, and the various styles of work exhibited. Then we started talking about my work because there were artists in the show whose stuff is as unique as mine. One of the comments she made was in regard to the adaptations I make for a single photo and, I believe, that her sister would be interested, also being a photographer.

So, feeling a trace of  “challenge,” I decided to take a recent photo and play with it. The photo I chose was one I took for the Denver Botanic Gardens project for my friend, Ross Shrigley, who I have been shooting for this season. The original photo is above. One of the reasons I chose this photo is that it is just slightly out of focus, which would be masked by each of the processes.
First, I shifted it to my “Electric” process and produced this:

The Jelly-Starfish Nebula

The Jelly-Starfish Nebula

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