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This Is For……… (another post to a friend)

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Reaching Out To, Santa Fe, 2006


I met you last night and one I hope that our friendship blossoms for a long time to come. In the brief moments we had to talk, we cut straight to the cores of things and connected in ways many people still have no clue about. So, consider these photos as a way to see a little deeper into me………..

Minions Reaching for Their Garden God, Edgewater, 2010

Getting Out of Hell, Edgewater, 2008

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On Fire

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Blue Flame. Denver, 2005

Flames on the Floor. Denver, 2005

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Red House……

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… the name of a song that was made quite popular by Jimi Hendrix in the late ’60s. The very first time I heard it, I fell in love with it! What is funny about the first time I heard it is that I found it on a Warner Brothers sampler album that you could get by sending in a coupon that was found on the inner liner. Some of you may remember this fine way of discovering new music back then but many people I mention this to have no idea what I am talking about, whether they were from that time period or not. TheĀ  promotional campaign was called “Loss Leaders“.

Take a listen** while you study the photo…………

There's A Red House Over Yonder, That's Where.... Denver, 2009.

Here are the lyrics, if you find you want to sing along (feel free to play air guitar b/c I think you’re safe….no one’s watching!):

There’s a red house over yonder, that’s where my baby stays.
There’s a red house over yonder, baby, that’s where my baby stays.
Well, I ain’t been home to see my baby in about ninety nine and one half days,
’bout time I see her.

Wait a minute, something’s wrong.
The key wont unlock the door.
Wait a minute, something’s wrong, baby.
The key wont unlock the door.
I got a bad, bad feeling that my baby don’t live here no more.

I might as well go on back down,
Go back ‘cross yonder over the hill.
I might as well go back over yonder
Way back yonder ‘cross the hill, (That’s where I come from)
‘Cos if my baby don’t love me no more.
I know her sister will!

** For those who want to listen to a longer, bluesier version, take a listen to this amazing piece of music!

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As Fall Approaches

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DBG Pond and Changing Trees, 2005

These are photos I’ve taken through the years that reflect the oncoming colors that Autumn graces all of us with, in all of our different spots in the world. When I moved to Colorado many many years ago, I was told that there “aren’t any real colors, just lots of yellows.” Because I came from New England, where I grew up, and spent lots of time in Iowa and other parts of the Midwest during many of those same years, I was used to seeing a vast range of colors.

I didn’t think much of Colorado’s Autumn colors when I was in and out of college….I simply didn’t make note of it (if you can believe that!!). The more time I spent in the mountains, though, the more I came to realize… Continue reading

From 2005……….

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Kiss of the Orchid

A process I never use anymore but used a LOT when I did!

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Brickwork, Denver, 4am

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The Antoinnette After Midnight

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Images at a Wedding I

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Mattie and Lindsey got married a couple of days ago in the clock tower of the May D & F Tower in downtown Denver (open this link, then click on the resulting photo to get an even larger view for better detail).
It was truly an incredible experience and one I will likely never forget. I wasn’t their primary photographer and thankfully that was Liddy‘s job (whew!)…..but I took some shots that I really like quite a lot.

1 0f 4 clocks in the tower

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A Deimos Way of Life

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A Deimos Way of Life 2

A Deimos Way of Life 2

Experimenting with a new process. Any thoughts?

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Been away…busy…playing in old photos…(aka One for Rene and one for posterity)

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My friend, Rene, is a massage therapist, here in Denver. I met her in 2006, when we worked together on a garden maintenance crew. She’s a very cool woman…we’ve been through some interesting times together….and we’re great friends!

Rene, Laughing

Rene, Laughing

So, I took this photo one day after she had given me a massage:

Her Hat Hangs Among Reflections and Printed Reeds...

Her Hat Hangs Among Reflections and Printed Reeds

and then I turned it into this a couple of weeks ago:

The Duality of Reflection

The Duality of Reflection

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Lost Buildings of Denver (Pt 1)

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I am in a club of sorts. The 2nd Wednesday Club. There are 3 members: myself, my high school buddy, Dan, and a friend of his, Jerry. Our club, so far, has been in existence for only 2 months but I see it going a much longer time than that. I find that it is especially enjoyable to be a member of our small club so I can see how my compatriots shoot.

What Is Left-Childrens Hospital Demolition

What Is Left - Childrens Hospital Demolition

What we do is shoot for a word/idea each month, submit 3 images, which are uploaded to another site, and then we critique each others’ works (or define how we came to use a particular entry to the final cut). We choose our words by selecting 3 individually, send them to Dan, who tallies the words, then we vote from the list of words to determine the word we use. It’s a great system because we don’t know ahead of time what the word will be, which makes the way we “see” that much more interesting.
The last two months our idea/words have been “reflection” and “the end”. Take a look.

This month…that is, for the 2nd Wednesday in September…our word is “change”. Taking my chances that I won’t be trumped by my Club friends, I’ve decided to add a set of three, only one of which will make the final cut in a couple of weeks. Although these shots would have worked equally well for “the end”, they fit the present word, as well.

Where the Door Was

Where the Door Was

The Childrens Hospital in Denver closed its doors earlier this year after their new facility was built east of town in a new massive complex, where Fitzsimmons (the Vets) Hospital and CU Medical Center have moved also. All three of these hospitals HAD been in very convenient locations in the “heart” of the metro area. Where they are now is actually not very convenient at all. But that’s where they are and that’s the way life is, unfortunately.

When my son was a baby, my ex and I spent a LOT of time in the ER at Childrens when it was downtown. Our son had ear infections on a regular basis, among other babyhood maladies. So, it was with sadness that I took this photo on Sunday. Demolition started a few months ago and they are getting down to the end. As you can see, the three photos here are all the same one; I progressively changed them to suit my needs for invoking more and more of a “statement”. I expect you’ll figure out the statement I am trying to invoke.

Attack of the Bureaucratic Machine

Attack of the Bureaucratic Machine

In the future, I’ll be adding photos that aren’t my usual subjects of nature and the like. I DO shoot a lot more stuff than just flowers…but then I’m just getting going with this blog so we have a long way to go, you and I.

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