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Always Magical and Mystical for Me

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Autumn VisitorAutumn Visitor
While writing the last post, I let my dog, Monroe, out through this glassed-in area adjacent to the living room. This area is a poorly-constructed “greenhouse” made by the previous owner. I leave the outer door open because it makes no difference whether it is open or closed, in relation to heat.
When I let Monroe out, I heard this fluttering and looked up to see the shadow of what I thought may be a Hummingbird Moth, considering how much noise it was making, stuck between the wispy curtain and the glass…but Hummingbird Moths wouldn’t be around this time of year since they have a specific purpose that is way before this. So, I pulled back the curtain and found this trying its utmost to get through the glass.

I put my hand up to direct towards the more open area of glass, which I was able to do, and with a bit of determination, tried to direct it further toward the door out. Instead, it landed on my hand for a moment, looked at me, then lit out for the glass…and then behind the curtain again. Not to be put off easily, I made another attempt to move it back toward the open glass and door again. Although I was able to direct it, I also managed to delay it somehow and it plummeted rather abruptly. Climbing back onto my hand, it took a rest there. And remained there for the duration of the rest of this occurrence.

Visitor 2

As always, I had my more portable camera in my pocket, so I started taking close-ups of it. It didn’t seem to mind one bit and actually seemed to pose for me, walking around on my hand.
In the photo above, you can see that it has 2 white furry things sticking out in front of it. I don’t know what these are called….nor do I know whether this is a moth or butterfly. Buzzybeegirl will know….and when I find out, I’ll post what she says here as an update to the post. In any case, it made a great deal of effort to work on both of these white furry things…then the one on the left began to hang down, more and more, as can be seen in this photo…

Visitor 3

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This is for Angel…. ((but others can read it, too))

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White Orchid - Detail

White Orchid - Detail

I met Angel 8 years ago. We met quite by accident one night when I was surfing the Internet looking for something/someone. Our first conversation is definitely one neither of us will ever forget though I’m not going to tell you about it….just think of a conversation you’ve had with an old friend that is etched in your memory bank and will never be transferred to another account. That is the conversation we had.



We have witnessed a great many things through each other over the years. We’ve become closer than many couples who have known each other for as long…perhaps longer…and Angel is someone who I entrust my life to. She has done an unbelievable job, through the years, of rescuing me from the depths of Hell or worse. While I can say that I have been there as much as I possibly can for her, I can also say that I have dropped the ball, as well, and that is not something I am very proud of. (When I have dropped the ball, it was through my own stupidity, of course, but I can honestly say that I have promised myself I won’t ever do that again.) Though I did “fail” her at one of her most dire times, she forgave me…and that is a true friend.

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