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And now….Negative Space….

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Fireball -- San Diego, CA -- May 2008

Fireball -- San Diego, CA -- May 2008

As many of you who have seen my previous entries here, you know that I like to “bend” the parameters of what I am doing. By “bending” it, of course, I mean putting it through whatever filters or processes that are unique to me and, more often than not, discovered “by accident.” My “electric” photography is one way I bend it and the twists I make are catching the eyes of those who have never quite seen anything like it before. Electrifying my work always gives me a bit of a charge in the process (pun intended)….and in that process, I look for even more ways to change it. For instance, I am interested in HDR and have put a few up of those but have backed off a bit in favor of others whose work speaks for itself and makes me wonder “WHOA! how does he do that!” but I keep at it. Doing it is better than the alternative. I’ll put some more up when I feel a bit more confident about the process.

In my never-ending search to tweak my photography, I find myself going back into my archives of work that I have shot in the past. That is, anything from a few months ago….to a few years ago. Case in point: last year, I spent the weekend at a friend’s property in the mountains southwest of Ft. Collins, Colorado. This place, Shoshoko, is the most wonderful spot that is within striking distance for me (as opposed to, for instance Pt. Lobos, near Monterey CA, which is, frankly, Heaven on Earth for me, and is also 1200 miles away); I get up to Shoshoko as often as I can. Last September while there, I took this photograph:

Shoshoko After Dawn

Shoshoko After Dawn

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You know, sometimes I can just be……………………….out there

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In the last blog (Plugging a hole…), I pointed out that I had forgotten Anna in the previous blog to that (Recent Electrifications…).
One would think that after I had spent so much time writing the previous one (I tend to edit A LOT), that I would have remembered that i actually did remember to include in her the list of wordpressers I’m impressed with because of their photography (and prose).
Well, writing the second one just plugged her a bit more, I guess.

Darkness Falls - Timnath

Darkness Falls - Timnath

Anyway, I spent the weekend with some folks I hadn’t seen in a couple of years. Paul and I went to college together back in……well, back there somewhere…..and he, his wife, Barb, and son, Rob, came out for the weekend from the Bay Area. We drove up through Longmont and saw another old college friend, continued on to Timnath, where they knew a terrific lady from back in the day, then back to Ft. Collins, where we spent the evening with another pair of college friends. Old home weekend.

In Timnath, which is a tiny spit of a town (Pop. 238 in the 2003 census, I believe), it was Founders Day with tents set up on Main Street, selling all sorts of homemade nick-nacks. Main Street in Timnath is all of about 2 blocks long, which would be expected for a population as massive as theirs is. Consequently, the choice of handmade goods was pretty slim…interesting but slim. The town itself is not short on character, though, with buildings that have stood the test of time and are still going strong…well, most of them anyway. Continue reading