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Do you understand Haiku?

Posted in Haiku with tags , , , , , on August 17, 2008 by sambissell

There are several ways that people understand haiku. I don’t presume to be an expert; in fact, I am far from it. The type of haiku I write can range from the classical 5-7-5 syllables to absolute free-form haiku More often than not, though, I try to stick with the syllable form.
If you care to read something that is a bit more definitive than what I am talking about as well as an excellent description of the historical background of haiku, see Wikipedia.

I have been writing haiku for many years….and have been corrected by purists for many years, as well. Purists think they “know it all” and simply won’t recognize that poetry, in its purist form (you’d think they’d get this), is art. Written art.

So, for me, haiku is a written art form.
I am sure the Japanese looked at it as an art form, as well. One of the most famous of Japan’s haiku poets was Matsuo Basho.

Here is an example of my Haiku style:

Bathing enjoyment
daring to shout gaiety
Brisk morning dawn rain.

After the Rain

After the Rain

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Sam Bissell Photography

Posted in Haiku, Me, Nature, Photography with tags , , , , on August 11, 2008 by sambissell

I love taking pictures! You could say that it is my passion. Over the course of time, my technique has changed from images that would seem “commonplace” to images that I want viewers to think about, just as they would have to think about the words in a piece of poetic haiku. Hence, Photographic Haiku.

Seeing imagery in the mind’s eye is one thing but finding the essence of the photograph in your mind’s eye in real life is quite a different story!
Do you see what I see? Or do you see something entirely different? Because we are looking at images from our own points of view, we may see things that each other doesn’t see at all! Equally important, do you see something I never knew was there?

I enjoy creating images with the intent of hearing the response of observers. Everyone can express a memory, an idea, a comment, an observation, an emotion, even an “Aha!” moment, from looking at a photograph. Paying attention to viewers’ comments not only gives me really valuable feedback, it also sparks ideas for future photographs and work. So, if you enjoy my images, please drop me a line and express yourself!

Observe images,
be still, allow them inside:
Photographic Haiku.

Sam Bissell Photography