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Hibiscus in Light and in Dark

Posted in Nature, Photography with tags , , , , , , on August 24, 2008 by sambissell
Texture of the Hibiscus

Texture of the Hibiscus

Once a week, I document the gardens for one of the curators at the Denver Botanic Gardens. The purpose is to keep track of what is growing, dying, blooming, fading, filling in, and so on. Each morning before 7, I arrive so that I can take pictures with a more subdued light.

On Thursday morning, when I was done shooting the nearly 200 shots of this long walkway boarded by gardens, I honed in on this hibiscus blossom. When I processed it, I did some things that I don’t usually do with my photos….I actually pulled the texture out of the flower’s center. More often than not, I can deal with an overall texture and tone of a photo but images that have a lot of white in them just vex me! I pulled way back on the midtone contrasts for this by darkening the image and I really liked the result.

Then I ran it through my electric process and the results just about knocked me over. Blown up on my monitor, it has a much more dramatic effect than the small version here.

Thing about this was, when I worked on it, I lightened it a lot more than I usually do….a reverse of the original….and the textures of the background popped out a lot more than usual.

What struck me about what I had created, though, was the explosion of a black hole… especially the spikes of green shooting out from the deep red in the center of the image.

The Heart of the Black Hole

The Heart of the Black Hole

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So, YOU want Electric!

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Red and Yellow After Sunrise

Red and Yellow After Sunrise

This is the original photo I used when I “discovered” this new style I have been using. Like I said, sometimes I find a new process and then have to remember just how I did it. My mind works in mysterious ways, sometimes, and “remembering” can be a challenge, even at my young age of….well, we’ll just say my young age. That CAN be an excuse but, more often than not, “that’s the way it is” (words made famous by Walter Cronkite, which he used at the end of his broadcast every night).
In fact, this photo was taken in front of Ken’s house. I mentioned in the previous blog that I helped Ken move out of his house; this task took a lot longer than I had planned but I managed to acquire some very interesting stuff from him…just as I do when I help anyone move, which I seem to do a lot. In any case, the photo was taken out in front of his place, which had rather extensive gardens. And I LOVE gardens.

My love for gardens began when I was a kid and my Mom had terrific gardens on the property where I grew up in Connecticut. As a young man, my love for gardens disappeared, for whatever reason, and wasn’t renewed until I was about…well, when I was older. I had a girlfriend who remodeled my yard when I lived in Deer Creek Canyon, southwest of Denver, Colorado. When she moved on, I had to maintain them…I sure didn’t want them to disappear since they were so nice! It was then that I began studying horticulture at Denver Botanic Gardens. But I’ll get into that in another blog because that gets a bit complicated, all by itself! Continue reading