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As Fall Approaches

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DBG Pond and Changing Trees, 2005

These are photos I’ve taken through the years that reflect the oncoming colors that Autumn graces all of us with, in all of our different spots in the world. When I moved to Colorado many many years ago, I was told that there “aren’t any real colors, just lots of yellows.” Because I came from New England, where I grew up, and spent lots of time in Iowa and other parts of the Midwest during many of those same years, I was used to seeing a vast range of colors.

I didn’t think much of Colorado’s Autumn colors when I was in and out of college….I simply didn’t make note of it (if you can believe that!!). The more time I spent in the mountains, though, the more I came to realize… Continue reading

Recent Electrifications – Part 2

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I’ve been going through old works looking for pieces to work on and thought I’d share what I’ve done.

I took this photo when my son and I were on vacation in Arizona in 2003. It was taken in the Saguaro National Park, west-southwest of Tucson. We stopped on the road because the sunlight was so dramatic on this one saguaro as well as the clouds above. The day was a rolling series of rain squalls that blew in from various directions. So here are the two pieces:

Saguaro and Storm

Saguaro and Storm

Radiant Saguaro - Before the Storm

Radiant Saguaro - Before the Storm

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