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Aliens Among Us

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Alien Isis

Alien Isis

In 2006, a friend requested that I redesign his garden area behind his house in Redway, CA. So, I went out there for 2 weeks in September to find he had bought a “weekender” in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Had I not taken my friend, Rene< with me, I doubt I would have done anything but wander around in the forest of some of the oldest trees on the planet and spend my days otherwise lazing about on the shores of Black Sand Beach to the west.

Redway is 2 miles west of Garberville, which is in famous Humboldt County, in northern California. Unknown to many (very many), this area is nothing short of Heaven. Just north of Garberville, on the highway to Eureka, is the beginning of the Avenue of the Giants, which is famous, as well. On the Avenue, you can drive through that famous redwood tree and you can see where the gnomes and trolls live in another, and so on. Tourist attractions. But I didn’t go for tourist attractions, I went out there to……… what I have been missing all of my life and only heard about from vintage postcards of cars driving through trees, which, as a child, was pretty damn cool!

When you step out the door at Giant’s Rest, the name given by Paul and Barb to their place, and you look up, this is what you see: Continue reading