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Cruise Night

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HOT Engine. Wheat Ridge, CO, 2010.

Every Friday night, there is a spot on 32nd Ave in Wheat Ridge, where old and hot muscle cars line up on display for anyone to see and for their owners to hob-nob about their cars. I went along with my friend, Elliot, and his son, Syd, for the first time tonight. I’ll definitely be going back for more. Here are some of the best shots I took and the “shifts” I turned them into.

Speeding Towards the Sun

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Been away…busy…playing in old photos…(aka One for Rene and one for posterity)

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My friend, Rene, is a massage therapist, here in Denver. I met her in 2006, when we worked together on a garden maintenance crew. She’s a very cool woman…we’ve been through some interesting times together….and we’re great friends!

Rene, Laughing

Rene, Laughing

So, I took this photo one day after she had given me a massage:

Her Hat Hangs Among Reflections and Printed Reeds...

Her Hat Hangs Among Reflections and Printed Reeds

and then I turned it into this a couple of weeks ago:

The Duality of Reflection

The Duality of Reflection

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